Am I the ONLY person who had trouble just making a bed to nursing standards? - page 3

Perhaps the TOUGHEST skill for me during my first semester of nursing clinicals was making the darn bed! I would prefer to have to retake A&P twice, and place a foley in every old lady over eighty... Read More

  1. by   bioniclewoman
    We don't have this as a check off. We just watched a video. The hospital we are at doesn't have long enough blankets to do it right anyhow.
  2. by   whiteoleander5
    This was the first thing we had to do at my very first clinical, and I just could grasp the mitered corner thing. I must have redid my bedsheets 10x when I got home that day. I even told one of my family members to lay down so I could practice making an occupied bed! ..... Whatever works, right? But I still suck at it.
  3. by   gonzo1
    I never could make a bed. Prayed all thru school that no one would notice. Out on the floor nobody cares.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    I'm horrible at bed making...thank God for fitted sheets!
  5. by   Dream2BANurse
    We had to do occupied bedmaking and bed bath check off on the same day and we were given only 30 minutes to complete both, with one restart if you realized you had done something wrong. Needless to say, there were quite a few who failed this skill.

    Sometimes I feel like they nit pick too much, there were people who failed because they didn't remove the spread before starting the bath.

    I'm glad to have passed it and be moving on.