Am I ever going to get in?!!?

  1. Okay...I am trying to figure out what to do differently at my interview! I have already been through one interview w/3 other prospectives that unfortunately were foreign and unable to fully understand the Q's I think. No big deal...I'm half Korean, so I understand how they feel. Anyway, I was told that my 3.9 G.P.A., my volunteer work, 5 years hospital experience, national honors, and etc is used to select for interview only. Once interviewed, they select by group interaction. Believe me I felt bad for the other girls so I tried my best to make all of us look good. I tried to include them in the conversation and everything. I was later told that the school makes a group decision. The whole group is chosen or no one is chosen out of the group. Fair huh? So...I have been chosen for a second interview for the fall term. What should I do differently? Should I tell them that I have also applied to other programs? How do I get the other prospectives to interact with me? Any advice on Q's and A's? The only other close by program is an A.S. program so you can see why I'm so desperate to get in to the bachelor program! I'm 28 and don't want to be 70 when I reach my goal!! And I'm NOT giving up!!!
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  3. by   shay
    Originally posted by love_rusty
    I was later told that the school makes a group decision. The whole group is chosen or no one is chosen out of the group. Fair huh?
    That's really bizarre. I've NEVER heard of a s.o.n. doing such a thing with admissions.

    Geez, I don't know what to tell you, other than maybe talk to some of the students who are currently enrolled and ask them how they managed to get in.

    That's a totally bizarre way of admitting.
  4. by   icudavis
    The instructors actually let the student nurses sit w/each group before the interviews, but no one said a thing about group decisions. The students just said to be yourself, the q's were easy. Do schools maybe frown on students who want to continue the education past a bachelors? Because me and another girl in my group stated this answer when they asked where do we see ourselves in 5-10 years. Maybe I should have been more specific in my answer, but to be honest...I just know that I want my master' far as a specialty..I'm not sure until I do my clinical rotations. Is this a bad thing?
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    Well, if selected by group interaction, it sounds like they didn't like the way you interacted. I find it incredible that they select a group or not- I would actually make an appointment and speak to the Dean about that, because it really isn't standard operating procedure, I'd really check into that. Someone should be able to share with you what it was that went so wrong in the interview.
    Most BSN programs are delighted to have students go on to persue Master's So, I doubt that is the problem. A good way to state that is that you would like to get some work experience in the specialty of your choice (pick one that you think you may like if they pressure you, you are not going to be stuck with it. I thought I wanted to do Peds onc and I'm in ED) and then persue a MSNin that field. Schools which are "old school" or slightly traditional, do tend to frown on those who graduate and go right into a MSN program. If they aren't traditional, they won't care that you want to work a few years.
    I would actually really honestly examine your last interview and look at how you interacted with the group, because apparently if that was the decision point, that would be the issue and take a wholly different approach. Also, make an appointement with the Dean. When I applied to school there were about 6 very specific rumors that not even some of the teachers could say were true or not, so I just asked the dean. She was very helpful and explained which were true and which weren't, made my admission process much easier. In addition, you get some time to make an impression on the Dean, outside of the interview... do you see? Good Luck.
  6. by   icudavis
    thanks for responses!! I did in fact speak to the chairperson of nursing admissions who is the final sayso. He would not even give me any advice. He just said "just relax and be yourself" like he didn't even hear a word that came out of my mouth. He didn't answer any of q's or anything! I hope I didn't just kill what little chance I had! opps! Anyway, my interview is this Friday. Hopefully, this time I'll get a better group. The bad thing is last time I wasn't nervous at all...just excited cuz I was the only one in my group with any experience I thought that I had a great chance of getting in. Oh well! Round two* ding*ding*!
  7. by   GPatty
    Wow Tina~
    I really wish you all the best.
    I think you should've been chosen the first round.

  8. by   icudavis
    thanks Julie! Pray for interview is tomorrow!
  9. by   StudentSandra
    good luck rusty, just stay cool.

    we didn't really have an interview for acceptance into the program, it just went by our scores (college entrance exam, gpa, extra points for a&p) being put into a formula. so the interview was basically a formality.

    hang in there, you can do this.