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Hi All, Please pass the kleenex. I came so close to realizing my 20 year dream of becoming a Nurse and got a "very thin letter" from my school today. It said "We are pleased to inform you that... Read More

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    What program did you apply to in North Carolina? I am in NC as well and I am looking at UNC, Duke and ECU's accelerated programs.
    Thanks so much for the Encouragement everyone has given to those of us in "limbo" - it really means a lot.

    cns48, to get into the accelerated programs you have to already have a 4 year degree, I have an Associates. UNC, Duke and ECU are all fantastic Schools but I live too far from all of them to even consider that kind of drive each day, I applied to a local CC. My husband and I have 3 boys in school, he has his career and we're very settled, so moving just isn't an option.

    TopCat, My plan is the same as yours. I'll be taking a few courses over the summer and just keep plugging away at this and hope for the best... Hopefully we'll get some good news before the Fall... Take Care, SusanNC