All survivors of 1st wk of 1st semester over here...

  1. Hi all fellow 1st semester's - Wondering how 1st weeks went with everyone and what are the biggest challenges so far? I'm doing skill checkoffs today and had first big lecture on physical assessment yesterday. Have gone from feeling like I think I'm going to be ok to I'm outta here!! I've met some great people already so that is really encouraging and also that everyone seems to be feeling the same mixture of emotions. Bottom line is 1 week done and only about ??? to go!! How was y'all's first week?
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  3. by   manna
    What are you checking off on today? Good luck!
    Checkoffs always make me so nervous! We have trach care and suctioning checkoffs next week! (2nd semester here)

    Congrats on making it through your first week! It is pretty overwhelming, isn't it? :chuckle
  4. by   z's playa
    We have our first day of practical today. Our first week went by and what can I say...I can't seem to get off the starting block. It seems I have a "block" where studying doesn't interest me. AAAAKKKK! It'll come back...right?

  5. by   sleepymom
    I'm done with 2nd week of first semester and we've been covering history of nursing, laws, ethics, etc. Our first test is on Tues! :uhoh21:
  6. by   BabeRN2B
    Just finished up my first week of a two year program. We did skills check off on wet to dry dressing changes, sterile gloving, and foley cath's. Two computer tests on injections and PO meds. Not too bad for the first week. I'm kinda suprised at how they just get you right in there. Glad your week went well!