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Age you will/were graduated? - page 40

Im just wondering (If you didnt mind saying) what age you graduated or will be... Im kinda sad how old i'll be when im done..and jw what ages are graduating... Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   Blessed2beStressed
    44 when I become an LVN. soon thereafter, put myself on a wait list for RN. Not sure how long that will take (Southern Cal colleges are horribly impacted). Somewhere in my mid to late 40's when I become an RN.
  2. by   michelle_t
    I will be 39.
  3. by   sweetcheeks05
    22 by Dec 09.
  4. by   Ella26
    Im 26 just graduated LPN, probably be 29 or 30 when I finish RN.
  5. by   tejon
    I'll be 42 when I get my RN and should be 45 when I finish my master's and become an NP.
  6. by   FutureNurseMG
    I'll be 24 when I'm done w/ LVN... 26 for RN
  7. by   sharpeimom
    25 - b.s.n
    27 - m.s.n

    nursing was my second career. my first degree was a b.a. in english writing. fun to get but not practical at all.

  8. by   radmom

  9. by   cmartell
    I will be one month short of 49 and plan on continuing for my BSN. I was at one time concerned about entering a field at the age most leave, but then a friend asked me "How old will you be in two years when you finish school?", and then asked "How old will you be in two years if you don't go to school?" Point made.
  10. by   mkblakley07
    I'm gonna be 21 when I get my ADN. But I plan on going further.
  11. by   tdo1
    I'll probably be in my 30s when I finish.
  12. by   cabogirl
    I will be about 2 weeks shy of my 41st birthday when I graduate with my BSN in December 2011
  13. by   tabswifeRN
    I was 39 when I graduated in june!!