Age you will/were graduated? - page 25

Im just wondering (If you didnt mind saying) what age you graduated or will be... Im kinda sad how old i'll be when im done..and jw what ages are graduating... Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   arcoiris
    I will graduate next May 2009 if all goes as planned. I will be 31yrs old.
  2. by   stiltarget
    i will be 28 but feel 104...
  3. by   ILRN200
    I'll be 20......Dec. grad.
  4. by   asoonernurse
    45 for my LVN. 47 for my RN if everything goes as planned!
  5. by   SanDgroovy
    Just turned 29, will graduate with BSN this December!
  6. by   jennafezz
    God willing... I will be 24, a month away from 25, with a BSN, double major in Health Science. Would have been 22/23 if I didn't start off in only Health Science. Oh well, I'm just happy I figured it out now at least.
  7. by   jennafezz
    Oh and, also God willing, I will be 27 with a Master's in Health Care Administration and 28 with an MSN to become a CNS. wooo.
  8. by   happilymarried
    I will be 35 when I finish ADN! All I have to say about my age is: Now that I've learned so much and gained life experience, I have figured out that I DON'T know it all and never will (regardless of what I used to think :chuckle). Whew, I'm glad I learned that! Nursing school: Look out cuz Here I Come!!
  9. by   RN2B25
    I'll be starting this fall at an ADN program, at 26 years old...the plan is to graduate May 2010 at 28 years old...God willing!
  10. by   Bath
    I will be 45 when I graduate in 2010.
  11. by   mcknis
    I will be 2 days 21 when I graduate this Saturday! WOO HOO!!!

    Can't wait to be an RN!
  12. by   Ari RN
    ADN- 25 yrs
    BSN-28 yrs
  13. by   DelanaRN
    26 when I got my Associates in Applied Science Degree. Took night classes for years while working full time and being a mom before I got that one. Then I stayed home w/my 3 year old for 2 years before going to LPN School. Now I'm 33 and I graduate from LPN next Saturday! (WOO HOO!) I go to RN school orientation on June 23rd and begin classes in July. I will graduate with my ADN next May, 2009 and I will be 34. BSN, I don't know when I will get that. Going to work full time once I get my RN for a few years and try to put a big dent in the huge amount of student loans I have now.