age discrimination

  1. Ok, these is how the state colleges in my area admit students.
    There is prenursing, this is for "recent high school" graduates with no transfer credit-they automatically will be admitted to clinicals when they finish basic classes as long as grades meet minimum standards. Next is category 2 for those with transfer credits (who would automatically be older) , and people who did not graduate from in state high schools. Category 3 people who have ged's or do not meet above standards including those who have lpn, diploma, cna, associate degrees. Basically anyone who is not in category prenursing doesn't stand a chance of getting into clinicals. They will pretty much let any student take basic classes but they have only about 25 clinical spots and they always go to prenursing students. I think they have just figured out a way to keep older students from getting into clinicals with a bunch of complicated rules. I talked to someone who each year (5) has been bumped to the bottom of the clinical waiting list because the prenursing(young) students get first priority. Since there is a time limit on how old courses can be she might have to retake basic classes. She is trying to get into another school because of this. No wonder my state has such a shortage of nurses. What do you think?
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  3. by   bhppy
    Well I'm not from the States, I'm in Northern Ontario and out here we have a program called Pre-Health that guarantees you're a shoe in, into the Nursing Programs before anyone else.

    This is the path I decided on taking to make sure I got in. (I'm 28)
    So maybe you should look into taking the Pre-Nursing to guarantee you a seat for the next year. It's worth looking into it if they give precedence to certificate holders of their program.
    And I don't think it's for new highschool graduates, in fact the whole program (out here) is geared toward the health sciences,
    so it offers a big advantage.
    All classes are geared toward actual numbers and terminology you will be using in hard core Nursing program.

    This is my opinion, our school does the same thing,
    1- Their graduates from their program
    2- Highschool students that have the req pre-req. (grade 12 diploma + 6 other courses)
    3- Anyone else, that is looking for a change of career, have GED etc.....

  4. by   fergus51
    Can't you take the prenursing classes even if you have transfer credits? I know it would be a pain in the butt, but if it gets you into clinical it may well be worth it, rather than waiting more than 5 years for a spot. The system sounds pretty screwy, I would look around at other schools if you are able to.
  5. by   fergus51
    Oh, and I meant to say, I doubt it's about age, it sounds like it's more about money. If they want to have students pay to take the pre-nursing courses they offer, they probably have to provide them a clinical spot. Otherwise who in their right mind would pay to take these courses?!
  6. by   bhppy
    I just wanted to add that out here the Pre-Health is actually new and it's not the only field that they are doing this with, I also noticed there is a Science technology to guarantee you are first pick into the technology programs and Law or Police Foundations

    These things are all about politics (read the bottom line $$$)

    I think this will probably a trend that will follow in most areas!

  7. by   StudentSandra
    You are saying "prenursing" is a category not a course, correct? I was just checking as that is the way I read your post, but it sems as others read it as a "class" please clarify, thank you.
  8. by   tonicareer
    Guess I'm not clear. If you are recent high school graduate you are automatically in clinicals as long as make grades. But other categories compete on each level for available clinicals, it automatically means any older student is not going to get into clinicals. Yes everyone has to take prereq but not everyone can be in prenursing. It means in prenursing right out of high school. Other categories of course will be older people. If there are 100 students total and 25 are prenursing the penursing are in clinicals even if their grades are lower. Doesn't this automatically weed out nontradional students (transfer. not recent high school graduate) All the state colleges here and most private do this. The person I spoke to at the college doesn't like and wants it to change but no one listens. It's about diversity and I believe it automatically discrimnates against older students. Please reread first thread carefully to understand.
  9. by   fourbirds4me
    Wow... The way are program works: when we are going for prereques we must declare ourselves as "prenursing" students. We then apply for the nursing program. We are accepted mostly on the basis of GPA. There are probably more "older" students in our program that "traditional" students. Out of 33 or so starting in out program only 4 or 5 "traditional students" remain. The rest of us are 30 somethings and/or have a family and children.

    Your program doesn't sound very fair... if you don't mind my asking... Where do you go to school. I am at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (Lawton).

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  10. by   tonicareer
    I live in Indiana big shortage of nurses pretty much all colleges do this or are way over priced 20,000 per year. I think it also about money but more so about age. I quess the hospitals have alot to do with this practice. After all they have final approval on who will do clinicals in their hospital. If they are negative about older students they will find some way to weed you out, if not in admissions. After all personal recommendations are necessary too. I do think this is another thing to add to the complex issue of the nursing shortage.
  11. by   fergus51
    I'm sorry, I am a little slow this morning.... Does this mean that older people can't be classified as prenursing?
    When I was a student our class average as far as age was about 29.
  12. by   bhppy
    Ok so....I didn't get you the first time.
    There is something definately missing in here.
    I'd like to know which school you are talking about, because
    I've never heard of this, I have heard of differeant 'groups' and as was said above you have to let them know in advance.

    Which school & which state are you talking about?

  13. by   bhart
    I am also in Indiana - and have never heard of this. When I went to Nursing School - it was based on GPA of prereqs. What school are you talking about? I went to Purdue University - and one of the extensions.

    I forgot to add, I was an 'older student', in fact most of my graduating class consisted of nontraditional students.
  14. by   princessneenee
    I Think that each state has so much bureacractic red tape it will take the government to cut some of it out to benefit and satisfy what will be a criticall situation as it relates to nurses and a shortage there of.