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  1. Hi everyone
    I am currently a student nurse in England, half way through my 2nd year and I am considering working in america when I finish which I think would be brilliant as I have worked really hard so far, anyway where is the best place to work, I really don't mind what part of america. as long as it nice and friendly.

    Do I need any additional experience?

    I hope someone can help
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  3. by   letina
    Hello and welcome to allnurses

    My best advice to you at this time is to visit the International Nursing forum on this site. There's some 'stickies' at the top of the forum which should get you started with the information you need. I have to warn you - it's a long haul! And you will encounter many problems along the way, not least the required number of hours in Psych, Paeds, Ob/Gyn and Med/Surg you will need to have in theory and practice before you can proceed with an application to nurse in the US. Sorry, not trying to sound negative, but I don't know of any UK nurses who have had an easy time of it. Having said that, it CAN be done if it's what you really want and you have the determination.
    Good luck and please come back and post any questions which are not already answered for you on this forum, there are a lot of UK nurses on here who will be around to help, and Suzanne is our expert in this area, she will be able to give you lots of advice.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to
    But as Letina stated above, it isn't going to be a simple walk in the park for you. Since you are training in the UK, there will be classes that you are going to need to make up. This will be required for you to have done before you will be able to sit for the NCLEX-RN which is our licensing exam. You won't have to write the English exams, so that saves you one step.........

    Please take a look at the International forum and you will find out what you need to do........if you have any more questions after reading thru it, please do not hesitate to post. If it is a question for me, please post it in that locale as I don't always have the time to get to the other forums, depends on my work and teaching schedules........