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  1. Hi All,
    Just needed some advice... The way my University is set up is that once you get accepted into the School of Nursing you start to take your nursing classes as long as you finish with your pre-re's first. No waiting list as long as you get the passing grades in the sciences which is all I'm missing... (BSN program). Also anatomy and physiolgy is not thaught together they are 2 separate classe at my school... I will start clinicals and nursing classes in the fall of 2003... the problem is that when I went to get advised my last chem class was taken more than 3 years ago so I have to take a refresner class in chem (as per their curriculum) which is great by me (didn't think I retained anything from the last class anyway). Now the couselor wouldn't let me take the refresner class along with anatomy and phsyio... So I have to take physio during the summer of 2003... which I don't feel is too right to take 18 weeks of class into 6 or 8 weeks... Now do you think I should take it along with anatomy and the refreshner class of chem this fall or should I just take physio next summer? Please keep in mind that my school does not have A&P I or II... It's simply 1 class of anatomy (which represents Anatomy I and II for the most of you guys) and the same for physiology...
    What would you guys have done? also the spring semester is out of the question as I will be taking Micro and Chem together...
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  3. by   babynursewannab
    I think that since the chem will be a refresher course for you, it would be okay to do it in the summer. I did an entire YEAR of Anatomy AND Physiology in 8 weeks last summer and got A's.

    You can do it. Just focus!

  4. by   colleen10
    Hi 101,

    I don't see a problem with taking some courses during a shortened summer session.

    Right now I am taking A&P 1. It is 4 credits shoved into 10 weeks. Class meets 2 nights a week for 4 hours each night. It is tough but will be over soon. I am doing extremely well in it, as are most of our classmates. As long as you keep up with your readings and study very hard I don't see why you shouldn't do well.

    It's certainly no cake walk but I am definately prefering to do it this way. In only a few weeks I'll be done with it.

    Personally, I feel that I'm learning the material better because the information is always fresh in my mind which also makes it easier to take the exams.

    Granted, you don't yet know what you'll be doing in the summer of 2003 but I say keep the option to take it in the summer open. You may have to sacrifice somethings like going out with friends and doing other things in your free time but it will only be for part of your summer.

    Take care,
  5. by   nursing 101
    Hey guys,
    Thanks for your advice... I will stuck with Physio in the summer...
    Sometimes you just leave things the way they are... lol!
  6. by   giftedRN
    You can do it nurse101. I am doing A&P 1 and chemistry in summer 1. I am almost finish with chemistry and my grade is a B and a A in A&P1. I am doing Microbiology and antroplogy in summer two.

    You can do it just stay focused.

  7. by   amblessing
    I took A&P I in the Spring (16 weeks long) and I'm now taking A&P II this summer (8 weeks long). The 8-week class is the pits, but I am getting an A so far . Summer classes are fine, but you have to say very focused and plan on NOT taking any vacations!