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  1. Hello everyone,

    I pursuing a BSN and I am close to finishing my last prerequistes. I have an interview with a university to see if I get accepted into their BSN program. What should I expect from the school interview? And also, what are the hardest subjects once accepted into nursing school? I am trying to see what I have to prepared myself for because I have never spoke to any nurses or any graduate nursing students. If there is any other important information I should know, please let me know. Just found this website and it looks very interesting and informative.

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    Hey There!

    It's been a while since I applied to nursing school so maybe things have changed since then (about 5 yrs ago). As far as what to expect of the interview... the usual initerview fodder... why did you choose nursing, why our school, name an inspiration. Just bring your honest self and relay your real experiences and that will inspire.

    As far as the toughest classes, the ones generally regarded as the most difficult at my school were pathophysiology, research, and med-surg. Maybe others have had different experiences. I went to the University of Maryland.

    Good luck with those interviews!
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    Was there math and chemistry when you went to nursing school?
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    Quote from poboy31

    Was there math and chemistry when you went to nursing school?
    the AND program that I am in, the Math and Chemistry, English, Psychology, Soc, Micro, AP, all of it etc etc had to be complete before entering into the actual nursing program. Once in the program we did have dosage calculations math that has to be passed with 100 percent, and you have 2 tries.