1. OK yall. I'm just about to start my first quarter of a LPN school, i'm done with all my cores and what not. What kind of advice do those of you who have already been through this have for me? Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks alot!:kiss
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  3. by   GPatty
    I am just finishing my last semester of LPN school!
    All I can tell you is....DON'T STRESS OVER EVERY LITTLE THING!!!!!
    And God bless ya, I know you're going to...everyone does.

    On tests, take yur time. You don't have to be first. Ask for help if you need it..Most instructors are anxious to help if they can.

    Most of all....have fun. Nursing school is and was a lot of fun for me. Stressful as heck, but fun, too!

    Good Luck to ya!

  4. by   Nurse Ker-Ker
    Thanx so much for your reply. That was really sweet and useful. Good luck in your future, you'll be a GREAT nurse!
  5. by   live4today
    Hi Nurse Ker-Ker...Welcome to, and I wish you much success in nursing school. Congratulations on being accepted into the program, and I hope you go as far as your heart desires to go in your career as a nurse. :kiss