Acute gastroenteritis

  1. Hi, i' am a newbie here. i just want to ask for some suggestions from you guys.. the question goes this way...
    "what are the nursing diagnoses for acute gastroenteritis in children?"
    Your suggestions will help me a lot.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    What are your thoughts? We don't mind helping with homework but is nice to know what you have done.
  4. by   Daytonite
    a nursing diagnosis, like a medical diagnosis, is based on the signs and symptoms that the patient has. so, in order to (nursing) diagnose this patient you need to make a list of all the signs and symptoms of the child's acute gastroenteritis. now, since we are nurses, we also are concerned about not only the acute gastroenteritis, but how patients accomplish their activities of daily living. how old is this child? what adls can they do for themselves and what is done by the parents?

    did you know that every nursing diagnosis just like every medical diagnosis has a set of signs and symptoms?

    you need to look up and read about acute gastroenteritis. make a list of all the signs and symptoms.
    then use a nursing diagnosis reference to help choose the nursing diagnoses that have those signs and symptoms. the appendix of the recent taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary's have this nursing diagnosis reference information. these two websites also have 80 of the most commonly used nursing diagnoses and information about them that you can use for free:

    there is instruction in how to diagnose on this thread: - help with care plans