ACLS Training

  1. I'm in WA state, and am looking to get my ACLS certification over the summer break, but I'm having trouble finding anyplace that has "open" enrollment. I'm a 3rd qtr ADN student. Any ideas?
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  3. by   D.Johnson
    check with the American Heart Association. look in the phone book for a chapter in your area. also, try the big teaching hospitals. sometimes they run courses for the icu/er staff, and it may be open to people not employed there. hope this helps.

  4. by   Nurcee
    Hi! You can also try the King or Pierce County fire districts.

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  5. by   penguin
    Thank you both for your input! I contacted the AHA and found many open programs in a variety of locations that were convenient. Thanks again!
  6. by   CEN35
    One thing you might want to consider, is that you are not ACLS certified, unless you are an RN, EMT, or physician at the time you pass the test.

  7. by   phylsway
    I would like to become an ACLS instructor. Does any one know of a course(s) in the New York, New York area being offered.
    Thanks in advance.