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Hello. I just started taking MA classes. I complete that and start my RN class in March. But I figure with a certificate as a medical assistant I could work and help pay for my shcool. Here is... Read More

  1. by   Robin61970
    Do Not let him get away with treating you in that manner.....write down and document everything that has happened. have others that witnessed it to write what they saw and sign it as well. Consult a lawyer....go into that meeting and have all your ducks in a row.....lay it on the line and tell them excatly what you think and what you feel should happen....this is a crock.....I wonder how many people have left nursing because of a crappy instructor like that? Stand up for yourself...we all support you!
  2. by   CEN35
    think about everything said by everybody so far? essarge clearly has the plan outlined for you. all good accredited schools, have a set of student rights etc. there are ways to discuss this issue, and resolve it. it was very very unproffesional of that eacher to act like he/she did, and say the things he/she said. go to the dean or administration and find out what needs to get the process started. until and official board decision is made.....the instructor in most schools has no right to tell you not to come back to class. he/she can fail you, or pass you. the only possible grounds an instructor has, to tell someone not to come back is a behavior issue. after you do this, if there is a problem.........then tell them you will resort to a lawyer for legal issues concerning the situation. i don't think diving right into the legal issue is the way to go. in the mean time keep going to class and do not turn anything in. you paid for the books and uniforms etc......that is not their decision. good luck........we are here for you.