Accelerated Nursing student seeking transfer

  1. Can anyone provide any insight?

    Has anyone ever transferred from one accelerated program to another similiar one successfully? Is it impossible? Diffcult? Feasible?

    I've finish my first semester already and we're currently into our third.

    My motivations for switching are partly due to my husband who is military and second, in hindsight this program wasn't not the bet fit for me of all the programs I was accepted to.

    Any guidance or advice is greatly apperciated!

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  3. by   Devon Rex

    To the best of my knowledge... pre-req class credits are transferable to other institutions. However, if you are currently taking core classes (Fundamentals of Nursing, Med/Surg, Health Assessment...), I don't think any institution would take those credits.

    In any event, it is always best to inquire at the institution you want/plan on moving to. If they say no, ask them if they know of any other institution that would. Be careful which place you decide to go to... check their accreditation status!

    CCNE American Association of Colleges of Nursing | CCNE Accreditation

    NLNAC NLNAC Accredited Nursing Programs

    Good luck !!