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Hi everyone!, Is anyone in this forum currently enrolled in an accelerated BSN nursing program? If so, could you tell me the pros and cons, your experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly? I... Read More

  1. by   LUCabsn2009
    Quote from fullofgrace
    I am in an accelerated program right now (started a month ago) and all I can say is that it is most brutal yet most exciting time I have ever had!

    Brutal: I am in school from 8:00am till 10pm every day (classes, clinicals, and studying), and my weekends are spent in the library.

    Exciting: I cannot believe how much I learned in just one month! The transformation is amazing, and I am amazed by the new things I learn every day. This is definitely the most stimulating academic and HUMAN experience I have ever had.

    11 months to go!

    Edit: My program is only one year long - 12 months!
    Hi fullofgrace,
    Can you tell me which ABSN program you were enrolled in? I am beginning the Loyola University Chicago ABSN program in May 2009 and am wondering if you can give me a little more info on what to expect.
  2. by   dtrmnd2sccd
    I'll be starting an ACCEL BSN (for students who already have a BS/BA in another field) this January. My classes are T/R 9:30A-4P, plus a clinical skills lab on Wed for 6 wks from 9:30A-12P.

    There are 32 in the program--we had orientation a few weeks ago, and they had current students as well as new grads who talked to us. It was very helpful to hear from students who are making it (though they didn't gloss over the fact that it is TOUGH!).

    If possible, ask the admissions folks if there is someone in the program that you could talk with--I found someone here at and she was SO helpful to me!

    Best of Luck!!
  3. by   Hisown
    I'm almost done with my first semester in an accelerated program and I'm hoping to graduate December 2009 (woohoo!!!) I have a bachelors and masters in business so I've done quite a bit of school.....but let me tell ya..teh accelerated program has been the toughest program I've tackled yet.

    It's a whole new ballgame for me and its really challenging in terms of the pace, content and the amount of work!!!

    At the same time, I believe I can do it..with God and with the right mindset, attitude and amount of determination I believe you can do it too.

    In an accelerated program, you have to read read read!!!! Cramming before exams is not a good idea... most nursing exams will probably be multiple-choice with a huge number of application type questions on simulated nursing-patient situations. Get yourself an NCLEX-RN review book and familiarize yourself with the style of questions...get a good Medical-surgical book or a fundamentals of nursing to read before you start. You'll be fine.

    It's tough but you can do it! All the best