Accelerated BSN Partnership Program @ AZ

  1. Would love to hear comments from anyone currently in this program. I am currently working on my pre-req's, and hope to send by app in time for the Summer 2004 program.

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  3. by   fulwood
    KC, Are you talking about program at UofA in Tucson? If so I am also interested in that program. sorry this is not email you wanted but I wish you the best..
  4. by   kc_jellybean
    Yup, that's the one! It sounds like a **great** deal...except that I don't know how I would pay for my living expenses!
  5. by   Caveman
    Is that the program that's "free" in exchange for working there after graduation? That would be a great deal. But...what is the length of your obligation after you get your BSN?
  6. by   kc_jellybean
    That's the program!

    It requires a 2 year committment to one of 2 area health systems - Tucson Medical Ctr or Carondelet. I think they partner you w/ one of the 2 before you even start classes.

    The cool thing is that, since it's funded by the health partners and *not* the state, out-of-staters are eligible!:roll
  7. by   kabastie
    I am going to apply to the same program. I'm from Missouri getting ready to relocate to Tucson at the end of the month. I've been teaching science for the last few years and am going to make the jump to nursing. I'm trying to find Nursing assistant programs in Tucson so I can get on the floor before school starts. Also, I'm taking several pre-req's. We should all keep in touch about the program.
  8. by   kc_jellybean
    I think that's a great idea!

    You can email me @ kc*underscore*at*yahoo*dot*com.

    I'm planning on flying out to Tucson this summer to take a look around, I've never been to the Southwest! :roll

    I'm a life insurance underwriter, and I'm on contract here in STL until 2/2004, so I can't relo for a while. Besides, this gives me time to save $$, since I have been unable to locate any insurance home offices in the area, anyway.

    Have you heard anything re: the program's selectiveness? I thought I read that the class that was accepted to start this June numbered 48...I hope that's because the program is new, and not because it's uber-selective!!!
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