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  1. This is my positive message that I sent out to a few people......corny? maybe...but it made me feel good.....

    I wanted to send out a message to each of you, a message from the heart. It takes a strong person to become a nurse, and a very special person to continue. Those of us who are striving to become nurses and working so hard to get there are doing so because somewhere inside of us there is a calling that we cannot ignore. I have felt it and I am sure others feel it as well. We all may feel it in different ways, and it may be different reasons for each of us. I know that i will become a nurse...when i think of being that person in whatever job I choose.....helping people to live or soothing them when they die i feel such a wonderful feeling deep in my chest. Not one of sadness, it is one of knowing that I will have made a differnce to someone somewhere. We are a special breed, the Nursing Student. We will persevere.....we will do it with style and grace. Above all we will do it with our heads held high being proud of ourselves and each other for the efforts and rewards we shall give and receive. I know that each and everyone of you receiving this has the drive and ability to make it through school to become a nurse. You have taken steps to get the outside support needed by going to the board. Good Luck, and know that you are special...you will do well!!!!

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    Thought I might drop a line here on this so it actually had one reply,lol.........
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    Make it 2...
    I think it's a great idea. One I will try and help you do! Ok? Here goes!
    PS Mine might be one-liners.... but what the heck!
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    That was really sweet.... thanks for the encouragement.
    I'm first semester adn school and it's tough. But I agree with you about being "called" to help others... for me it's the gift of Mercy.
    I took a personality/giftedness test at my church which revealed that I can't possibly consider doing anything else. It's as necessary for me to be a nurse and it is to eat and drink (well almost!)
    I was a Cardiovascular tech for 18 years until I quit about 1 1/2 years ago to homeschool our daughter. I really miss being with the patients and I miss the hospital atmosphere (most of it, that is!) We've relocated and no longer need to homeschool- so instead of going back as an Echo /Stress lab tech, I'm going back for the whole Whammy! But I couldn't imagine not going back at all!!

    Again, thanks for your sweet note of encouragement and I agree with you completely. Best wishes to you too! You're going to be a great nurse with a huge heart!! God bless!
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    What does "BUMP BUMP" mean? Just wondering.........
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    Whenever someone replies to a topic, it "bumps" that topic to the number 1 position on the board. Replying to a message for the sole purpose of moving it back to the top of the board is called a "Bump." It keeps the topic current and heightens the likelihood of response, since many people only read the topics close to the top of the board.

    BTW I think the note of encouragement was a great idea. It's really good to hear these things, especially when you are having a rough time at school or work. This board is a great supportive atmosphere. Where else could I find people who can sympathize with me when I am discouraged that I only made an 88 on a test that I spent almost every waking hour studying for for 3 weeks. My husband says, "at least you passed"! But, I swell up with pride when I think that in 2 years, when someone asks me what I do, I can proudly say, "I'm a nurse." Makes all the studying and loss of social interaction worthwhile! Robin, your post was so great it almost made me cry - and I am not one to react emotionally to most things!
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    Thanks for the info. I'm feeling my way around this new block!

    We students need all the encouragement and help we can get!

  10. by   Robin61970
    When I was in English this summer I made a stupid mistake on a paper and got a B....my first B in there.....I cried I was so upset....my hubby didn't understand either....lol

    I'm glad you like it.....I almost cried when i wrote it...
  11. by   mPalmer
    Thanks Robin for those words of encouragement. I know I feel the way you described and I am glad to know that there is someone else out there that feels the same. I have a great inspiration to be a nurse. My best friends mom past away this summer and she was a second mom to me. She treated me like her own. She was a nurse. She is my inspiration to be the best at what I do. I have had a hilatous two years not only in nursing school but in life and she was the one person I felt comfortable talking to especially nursing school. She know what it was like because she had been there. She was also a teacher for nursing. What I didn't know (before she past) was that she was getting a position at the school I was attending so she could teach me. It is great to hear that someone else out there has a calling to be a nurse.
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    I have wanted to do it for years and years,lol. I will get there, if I don't stress myself to death first......
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