A hopeful future nursing student with a ? about NLN

  1. I've been studying the NLN review guide and I must say that I'm a little discouraged. I don't particularly think of myself of being weak in the verbal ability area so I figured I'd do very well. Well, after going over some of the practice tests, I'm feeling a bit dumb.

    I guess I just figured it would be a bit easier than it is. My question is this, do you find that the actual test is Easier, more difficult or about the same as the NLN pre-enterance exam review guide?

    I was extremely excited about taking this test and hopefully getting accepted into nursing school. Now I'm afraid that I won't make it past this darn test. The only subject I've been weak in is math. I've been working on that, but now it seems that I'm going to have to hit the dictionary in order to past the verbal ability part of the test.

    Who the heck actually uses gauche anyway?
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  3. by   iliel
    I had the same questions about the Vocab part of the NLN. I couldn't believe some of the words!!! I used that study guide as much as I could, made flash cards and tried to commit it to memory. When I sat down at the test, I noticed a lot of the same words. So from my experience, yes, the book helped....and so did a good nights sleep before the test.
    Good luck, relax and you'll do fine!
  4. by   hoppermom3
    I have been preparing for my NLN exam, too. I was always an excellent English student...scored high on the ACT, but am finding the Verbal Ability portion of the book a little tricky. The math, which I am not normally great at, is a breeze. And the Science......I have bombed every time I take a practice test. The physics questions always trip me up. I am taking my test September 11.