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  1. I have a question. What is the coelom? The question on the study guide is: What divides the coelom? I feel stupid asking. *S*

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  3. by   essarge
    OK...a little lengthy but here goes.

    "About the 12th day after fertilization, formation of the primary germ layers and assiciated structures produces striking changes. The cells of the endodermal layer have been dividing rapidly, such that groups of them now extend around in a hollow sphere, forming the youlk sac, another fetal membrane (described shortly). Cells of the cytotrophoblast give rise to a loose connective tissue, the extraembryonic mesoderm (meso- =middle), which completely fills the space between the cytotrophoblast and youlk sac. soon large spaces develop in the extraembryonic mesoderm and come together to form a single, larger cavity called the extraembryonic coelom , the future ventral body cavity."

    This was taken out of Tatora & Grabowski, 9th edition, Principles of Anatomy and Physiology.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way....there is no such thing as a stupid question....the only stupid question is the one that is not asked!