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hi everyone, I'm currently taking A&P I and it's serious business. Consequently, to those that are already in the program, how hard is the nursing courses? Are they as hard as the A&P or worst? ... Read More

  1. by   teresab_2000
    Hi, I currently attend St. Vincent's College in Bpt and am taking A&P with nursing courses and its very hard. I don't work so its much easier, so I devote all of my time to studying and spending time in the skills lab. I would say that from what I've seen so far, it depends on what you feel you can handle. I have taken A&P1 before so I already knew how to come in and study, but my advice is to study hard and try to get workbooks for anatomy. Well, if you have any questions you can email me at Teresab_2000@excite.com or my aol screename is sweetypie421925. Good luck with everything!!!
  2. by   Jie Li
    Hi everyone!

    I am a nursing student and I think both A & P and nursing course are hard subjects. But if we have a correct attitude towards them and realise the importance of both courses in our learning career, they will be easy to cope with.

    I personally think A & P is a very useful subject which will enhance our nursing practice. If we know little about the basic anatomy and physiology, and disease process, how can we make a correct nursing assessment on our patients?

    Nursing course is hard but we have to cope with it because it is our choice of training to be a nurse.

    When I have a correct attitude towards the both subjects and put efforts in them, I find it is not so hard as I previously thought, instead I find it is an intersting experience of learning.

    Cheers and good luck!
  3. by   giftedRN
    Hey guys,

    I am doing A&P 1 and 2 for the summer and by reading the posts here I realize that I have to gear up for some serious studying. I have to finish all my prerequisites by december 2002. This means I have to do no less than fifteen credits each semester.

    Here are the subjects I am planning to take next semester:

    Freshman English 1&2
    Chemistry- 4 credits
    fine Arts.

    What do you think about these?

    Thakns for your advice.
  4. by   paule01

    I'm a second year student, i agree with the comments mentioned above. anything can be hard if you don't put a positive attittude towards it, and put your effort in doing the work rather than waisting your time worrying about how hard it is. also leave your dislikes about a subject aside otherwise it will get in the way of your study and ability to do well in that subject.

    I have to go now, see you later.
  5. by   CDred5
    HEY EVERYONE! i think both nursing and AP are hard. Personally i think AP was easier for me, b/c i memorized everything. i am a junior in the Nursing program @ WCU, and for my grades for my nursing exams have been two C's and an A. Finally i got that A. I think AP, patho and nursing exams all relate to each other and are soo important. We all have to just hang in there!