5 months til graduation & feeling like we dont know anything! - page 2

Well, we have 5 months to go before graduation from the LPN program. Most of us are feeling scared to death and like we don't know nearly enough to actually be nurses yet! This last semester... Read More

  1. by   stressR/T_NS
    I think that feeling applies to all nursing students. I graduate in May (RN) and this is my 3rd semester of feeling like I don't know anything. My brain feels like mush and I am tired of just being tired. We just have to breathe and hang in there. Good luck to all!!!
  2. by   kukukajoo
    I used to work as a coordinator for a homehealth agency. Had this one new grad refusing to work as a nurse until she got more training and I did not understand why until now that I am in a program six months from graduation.

    Although Nursing School teaches you tons, there is really so much more to learn once you are in the field. I truly believe that we learn the theory and that theory is the basis for us to learn the nuts and bolts on the job.

    I dont think my education will ever stop. Least I hope not!!