24 hour times to am/pm time

  1. how would you convert 24 hour times to am/pm time?
    What is 1200 hrs? is it 0pm or 12pm?
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  3. by   VM85
    its called military time. 1200 is noon time.
    heres a list 7am is 0700, 8am-0800,9am-0900,10am-1000,11am-1100, 12pm-1200, 1pm- 1300, 2pm-1400, 3pm-1500, 4pm-1600....and so on and so on up until 24hrs then you start over.when it 12:01am you start at 0001....if its say 12:36am, it would be 0036.....if its 12:59am it would be0059....then at 1am it would be 0100
    hope this helped!
  4. by   nemonemo8
    Thank you so much VM85! It helps the understanding of ideas.

    How would it be 12md then?

    11:58pm is 2358 hrs
    11:59pm is 2359 hrs
    12:00am is 2400=0000hrs?
    12:01am is 0001 hrs

    I should have asked this question earlier too.
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  5. by   caliotter3
    On 2400 you will see it both ways, as 2400 or 0000 but it should be 2400. After midnight it is 0001 or 0010, etc. You subtract 12 from any number past 12. Thus 1500-12(00) = 3 or 3 pm. It is best to stay with the 24 hour clock to avoid confusion. There is no reason to be going back and forth between the two time versions. This makes people look bad when charting is looked at. My employers required the 24 hour clock. There are nurses watches you can buy that have both systems. A good thing to have if you aren't used to this.