2003- Who's graduating this year? - page 2

Hello everybody! Just wanted to see who else is graduating this year. Despite the fact that I don't know how I got this far and that sometimes I don't think I will make it, I hope I will. I... Read More

  1. by   USA987
    Our pinning is June 3rd and graduation is June 4th! WAHOO!!!!

  2. by   Marlo2bRN
    Graduating on May 14th at 7pm!!!!

  3. by   StudentSandra
    Me, me, me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    September here I come!! Whoo hoo!!!
  5. by   d joy g
    December 03, as long as I make it through this semester unscathed!! Good Luck and congrats to all.
  6. by   kimmicoobug
    I am graduating as well. June 8th..can't wait.
  7. by   tatianamik
    me me me!
  8. by   SaraRNin2003
    ME! ME! ME!

    May 16th can't get here soon enough!!!!


    Now off to work on a burn presentation!!!

  9. by   jessjoy
    I do, I do!!! I graduate on May 17th......less than 4 months away. I am as scared as I am excited
  10. by   Rena RN 2003
    june 6th here. and can hardly wait for school itself to be over but getting cold feet about being on my own.
  11. by   L&DRNJenn
    From Ohio State, I think my name shows I am excited. I kinda want to leave Ohio, any ideas on where to go???? We all are going to make it! Does everyone have a job lined up yet?
  12. by   LuvaNurse04
    I too will graduate December 2003! So close, but still so far away. God willing, I'll continue to successfully pass all courses.
    I'm also planning to take the LPN exam after this semester and then enter my final semester.
  13. by   Kerrbear
    Pinning ceremony is in December. Woohooo!