1st LPN, then LPN to RN?

  1. I am trying to get into an RN program. I have all the prerequisites and an associates in health sciences. Since the programs here are so competitive, I am now looking into also applying to an LPN program first. Then after finishing that, I will reapply for an RN program. Have any of you done it this way? How did it work out? Also, any suggestions for finding LPN programs for specific areas would be appreciated. I looked at the allnursingschools website, but it didn't have any listed for around here, but I know that there are some because there have been people in previous classes such as Anatomy, Physiology, Micro, etc. that have been trained to be LPNs around here. Thanks in advance for suggestions and sharing your experiences.
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  3. by   Vailgang
    I know that there are a few girls at the hospital where I worked that are going the LPN first and then into RN because the competition is so hard. I am an LPN and going to RN and feel that it was a bit easier for me to get into a class since I was an RN. Make sure that your LPN school is accredited because that can have make a difference when it comes to applying to the bridge programs. Good job completing your pre-reqs. Good Luck.
  4. by   Kudra
    i did my RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) first, then my RN... i did it that way because when i wasn't sure if i wanted to go into nursing or not... i didn't want to commit to the 2 years it took to do my diploma nursing, so i opted to do the RPN (which was only a 1 year course at the time) course instead to see if i wanted to pursue it further...

    after 3 years of school i realized i probably should have just saved myself some time and just gone ahead and done the RN program from the get go... but there you go...

    doing the RPN course definitely made it easier for me to get into the RN program, though... and i was exempted from the first semester of class because it was the same as the RPN course's first semester...

  5. by   RedSox33RN
    I was also going to go the LPN to RN route if I didn't get into nursing school this year. Thankfully I did, but I heard the process is getting just as hard to get into an LPN program around here now. It used to be they were stand-alone programs - none of the CC around here offered them, but now realized they have the applicants, so are starting LPN programs in addition to RN programs.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Doing the LPN to RN route made more sense for me because a lot of my LPN classes i will get credit for at a local community college, and it winds up being most cost effective.

    (Now if only that stupid remark of "Oh an LPN. Are you gonna go get yer RN?" would stop from the stupid people till then, it would be much appreciated)