1st 5 weeks- will I always feel this way

  1. First I would like to say that I love nursing school and I'm doing fairly well with a B+ so far. However, ever since orientation on August 15th my whole entire life feels like it flipped upside down. I have a whole new set of friends (fellow nursing students that I abosutely love) and my friends I've had for a long time. Some of my old friends say that I am turning into a different person. They aren't being mean and I actually see why they are saying that because nursing school is changing me even though its only been 5 weeks. It's in a good way for the most part but I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything. I've been so emotional lately its not even funny. I am normally a tough girl and don't let things affect me, but lately I feel like I just want to break down and cry some days over nothing. I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster. I really don't know where all of these emotions are coming from because I am used to working in the hospital setting. I work in the NICU so I have been through and seen a lot of hard things that I have had to learn how to cope with. On top of all of my emotions I have terrible migraines EVERYDAY that wake me up in the middle of the night and make me so sick to my stomach I throw up, my right eye swells, and I literally feel like my head is bleeding. It's the worst pain I have ever had in my life. I can't sit still and I can't move at the same time. I have already had an MRI done and everything is normal so now I'm just waiting to get my labs back, see opthamology, and the headache specialist. Has anyone gone through any of this or feel this way? Does anyone have any suggestions for me to calm my nerves? I already eat healthy and exercise at my gym regularly (about an hour 5 days out of the week.)I know I can't be the only one but I just want to reach out for support because noone in my family is in nursing and I feel like I am stressing them out by talking about it so much and my headaches! Any thoughts, feelings, or comments are appreciated.
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  3. by   classicdame
    you might need to see a mental health counselor/provider. They can provide tools or counseling to help you feel more in control. Good luck
  4. by   BostonFNP
    We can't give you medical advice per the ToS so seek help from a local provider for those concerns.

    I can comment that any "old" friends that are being discouraging aren't real friends. Explain to them how you are feeling. Your new friends will be important for you throughout school and beyond.
  5. by   cndn_grl08
    You will ALWAYS feel that way lol. It will get better at times and worse at other times, but nursing school is stressful. HOWEVER, take it from someone who is 5 weeks away from being done, IT IS SO WORTH IT. Get through it, and you won't regret it in the end. Sounds like counseling may be something to look into. I don't know about all schools but mine provides it for free for students. I tried it, and it helped me deal with school/social related issues I was having. Even if you don't know what the issues are, they can help. Other than that, just try to find ways to relax, and don't stress too much over school. I was over stressed the whole four years and now that I'm almost done I'm realizing how silly it was. Yes, these four years are important for the rest of my life, but four years is nothing compared to the 70 more I hope to live, if I can stay healthy. That much stress isn't healthy. Anyway, I hope you can find something to keep you calm. Nursing school is hard work and stressful but remember to relax and have some fun too!
  6. by   dawnaz23
    First of all, Breathe I am in my 22nd week of a concurrent nursing program where I am getting both my RN and BSN in a two year period! I used to think that stress would help keep me on track but all it did was take away from my learning! The truth is you won't have the same amount of time to do everything you used to do...Let it go! The reality is your house won't be as clean, you won't be able to attend all the family functions, you'll have to say NO a lot more to your friends, and guess what, everyone will survive! Unfortunately, your time is not your own right now but the time you're putting into nursing school is going to pay off in the long run! Know that the light bulb moments are coming; know that everyone feels overwhelmed and stressed at first; know that it feels like everyone is understanding the info more than you (they're not); know that it will be the most rewarding feeling when you graduate For right now, counseling is always a great option... Personally, I have an herbalist who helps keep me healthy, whether it's to ward off the flu or calm my nerves, there are some great herbal teas & tinctures. Find what works for you and give yourself permission to let go of trying to be everything to everyone! You can do this... just remember to Breathe
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    Thanks for your support. I am feeling much better I think I just needed a routine and had a rough day that day and needed to vent. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one that feels like I'm going crazy at times. I'm starting to get into the groove of things and even though the work load is tough my stress level is declining.