'04 grads who already have a degree

  1. Just curious - for those of you graduating in '04, that already have a degree (in something else), do you plan on attending your school's graduation ceremony? The question was brought up to me the other day & I know I plan on going to the pinning ceremony, but never gave much thought to the whole graduation thing. I received my Associates degree 10+ years ago, so I've been thru it before. I heard that our school's ceremony is very long & boring, so I'm kinda on the fence right now as to what I want to do. So, just thought I'd see what others of you who might be in this situation think! Thanks for the input!!
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  3. by   IowaCindy
    Although I attended my graduation for my B.S. several years ago, I will go this year. As part of my ADN program, we have a Professional Topics class. The instructor who is also the program chair has told us that attendance is part of our grade, she considers it a professional behavior.

    Besides, I've worked d*** hard for this :chuckle and I will wear that mortarboard with pride. Plus I plan to use a paint marker or colored tape to mark the top of the hat "RN". I think that's professional.
  4. by   theblondeone
    I have a BA and an MA that I've never really used (worked for 8 years before returning to nursing school, but in a completely different field from my degree), but I went to the graduation and wore the robes. Mom and Dad still have them, said they were the most expensive outfits they ever bought me. Our pinning and graduation are on different days. I'm attending the pinning but not the graduation, Been there done that.
  5. by   rebel_red
    I have a B.S.W. Definately going to the capping/pinning. Would love to ditch the general ceremony, however our instructors also consider attendance a part of "professional behavior". Yup....I really want to sit there for an additional several hours in cap and gown....Oh well the good part is many of my classmates are tremendously excited about both, so I will share their joy. Plus I do believe it is good for my 12 y/o to see his Mama, at her advanced age, receiving a diploma. Brings home all those conversations regarding the importance of lifelong education.

    Be well.
  6. by   TweetiePieRN
    I already have another degree. I will not be attending grad ceremony...but will be at the pinning ceremony!!
  7. by   PennyLane
    I have a BS in another field. Since I'm graduating in December, they don't have a graduation ceremony for us! We can come back in May if we want to attend. What a crock. I'd go for sure if it were in December. So far I've put a lot more effort into this degree than I did for my first one!
  8. by   NurseWeasel
    December grad here too, and like Mel they want us to come back in May for graduation... only to add insult to injury, the main campus is 4 hours away, and they want us to drive there for the May graduation! HA! The day I get approval to take the NCLEX is the last day they see my bright, shining face. I've done the graduation thing; not interested this time even if they had it locally in December. The after-grad party with just the students, though... now THAT sounds like a riot of a good time, lol. :hatparty: I'm considering the local pinning ceremony, but only if we the students get to plan it - if faculty butts in, I'm out. No, I don't have "issues", lol.