((Sigh)) My first week back to school.

  1. OK...here I was on Monday, couldn't wait for school to start on Tuesday. I was soooo bored and also needed to lose the extra weight I put on over break.....soooooooooo

    Tuesday rolls around. Got up bright and early, cheerful, got to campus and went to my first three classes (world lit, american civilization, chemistry), not too bad I thought to myself this should be a fairly easy semester. HAH!! Then I had nursing concepts...............three hours of "orientation" (more like this is how I will torture you this semester!). Went over what is expected, blah, blah, blah. Finished the day out telling myself, "Hey, that's still not that bad". Went to school on Wednesday, only had the first three classes, nothing too stressfull there. Went home like a happy little camper thinking..."Still not too bad a semester"..............Well, let me tell you!!!! I had my Assessment class today and when I left that class I was in shock...........OMG.............OK............chan ged my mind about this semester!!!!!!!LOL!! This semester is going to be VERY time consuming (and I thought I might have part of my life back!! LOL!). But, being the good little "older" student that I am, went home, spent 2 hours printing out forms that I have to use for Assessment class, and am now trying to figure out what comes next.....let's see.........hmmmm..........chemistry? No, already did the website, will brush up on math this weekend while the Eagle's play (gives me an excuse not to have to watch!! LOL!), hmmmmmmmm American Civ.? Nah, that course isn't too hard........Concepts (Gee what a concept! LOL!), Figure I've got about 2-3 hours there....should take me until I can't stay awake......OK, so it's just a tad bit worse than I thought on Tuesday!! LOL! But I will survive yet another semester of torture, and I WILL HAVE FUN WHILE I'M BEING TORTURED!!

    Just thought I'd let everyone know, where my mental status is right now!! Any nursing diagnosis?????
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  3. by   MRed94
    Uh, spray yourself with Lysol, and call me in the morning?????

    It only gets WORSE!! Think of that, and you will be fine.....

    I am struggling with polynomials in algebra, critters I wish I could spray with Lysol and make them go away.

    I think all of us "olders" are finding school a great transition, and are discouraged at times. But I am finding things to celebrate along the way, see my "Speaking of Yippees!" thread.

    Every little triumph goes a long way for me!

    Hang in there....

  4. by   ADN 2002
    Fatigue related to impossible stressors of nursing school as evidenced by needing to vent frustrations on the bulletin board

    (is that NANDA approved?? LOL...I HATE diagnosing!!)

    It'll get better - is this your first nursing class? I wish we had an entire class about assessment. We were kind of given a stapled pack of papers and a two hour lecture. Then we were expected to know it.

    And orientation...you hit that on the nail. They might as well say, okay, this is the kind of torture you will have to endure for the next 14 (?) weeks. I'm a sophomore in my ADN program, and when we hosted freshman orientation, we got up there and told them EXACTLY what they were in for. Nobody did that for us, it was just all sprung on us the first day.

    Hang in there.
  5. by   essarge
    Things are much better today! Sat on my bed last night and looked at everything and said "to heck with it" and put everything on the floor. When I got up this morning the "organization" thing clicked in and I have figured out what I need to do. The nursing courses really aren't that bad, just allot of knowledge to absorb in 16 weeks!! But that's ok! If I can do A&P I & II in 12 weeks this should be fine!!

    The only class we haven't had yet is nuring assessment (we had the lab, class is on Mondays), I think that one is going to be the toughie this semester. We (like allot of schools) have check offs that we are required to do in order to pass. The last check off is a COMPLETE physical assessment, in front of an instructor. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!