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  1. blue
    hello i just started lpn school and i was wondering how much math do i need to know? math is not a strong area for me, but i did well enough to pass the entrance exam. what exactly do i need to study and what about the metric system?
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  3. by   perfectbluebuildings

    The math has been kind of hard for me and we do use the metric system a lot, except temperature we still do in Fahrenheit and weight and height whatever the patient is used to. But a lot of the med calculations can be metric. But if you did well enough to pass the entrance exam you should probably be OK, hopefully the professor will be willing to help you out if there is a concept you don't understand, or you can always come to this site and there is usually someone who can help with whatever question you can dream up; they always have helped me! Good luck!!
  4. by   marilynmom
    I think you probably would do better at math than you think. So many people have sucha math phobia...myself included at one time. Now that I am in college though I really enjoy math and do really well at it, never make anything belive a B...when in high school I always made Ds and Fs and I hated it.

    So go into it with a good attitude and study it like you would any other subject. I take notes, write out formulas on flashcards, etc and I notice a lot of people just dont do that and then wonder why they dont get it. Well I dont think I would get Anatmomy either if I didn't write notes, etc

    So not matter what you WILL do a good job with it!! Good luck and stay positive about it all and dont let it scare you.

  5. by   wv_nurse 2003
    Try not to let yourself get freaked out--the math is definitely do-able. Its really just basic addition/subtraction/multiplication and division. Memorization of some formulas and conversions. Here is a website with a good math tutorial (and some other helpful hints)


    Good luck!!