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Hi, I'm a first-year nursing student in a part-time program and a first-time poster. Gotta say first that I love this website. It's so informative and supportive. Now if I could just tear myself... Read More

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    Quote from nightingale1969
    . . .it's also my inexperience with juggling tasks and being assertive and confident (or at least appearing so). i still wonder how we're going to do all those things that the nursing books say we should do...i mean, besides all the "technical" tasks of nursing, being able to actually sit with a patient and discuss the emotional/psychological/social issues of their condition. . .
    well, kiddo, it's kind of like being a mom. if you think something is important enough for your kids or your family, you find the time. as you develop experience and mastery over skills, more and more bits of times emerge to do all these little things. i've found myself over the recent past years playing around a lot with time management and how to fit something in to my workday, or spend more time doing something else if i can think of another way to do it. that's become the real attractiveness of nursing to me--the creativeness i can employ in getting all the tasks and work done. don't get me wrong, though. i was all thumbs when i started out. couldn't stick an iv in the side of a barn and often said very untactful things to co-workers and patients--mistakes i learned hard lessons from that hurt me just as deeply as they hurt others. if there was a jail for nurses, i'm sure i'd be an ex-con with a record as long as my arm. but you see, i wonder, if i hadn't gone through all that i did over the years, would i know as much, or be as good as i am now? hard to know. maybe the reason i'm so gung-ho about nursing is because of how much i overcame. and if a blockhead like me can make a success out of a career, others can too!

    as for tips, timesavers and help with getting to that level, well, no one knows it all. keep reading what other nurses have to say. everyone has different experiences and different patient situations that come up. when people ask me about iv tips (because that is really one area that i do know a lot about--now!) i can spout off a few off the top of my head, but there are many more buried in my brain that will surface when the right question gets asked that brings up the memory. ask questions of the veterans.