~Orientation..what to expect.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I found out today that I have orientation in 2 weeks. They said its 3-4 hours long, for you who've already had their orientations, what kind of things did they go over? What should I expect? thanks.
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  3. by   WanaBaNurse
    Hey Amy,

    We were given a packet and then went over it word for word. It's contents were....

    Work, School, and Study
    School Uniforms for community and clinical wear
    Books needed for 1rst semseter
    Utensils needed like stethescopes, pen light, bp cuffs
    CPR Certification
    Immunization Records and Shot Requirements
    Drug Screening
    Backsround Checks
    Scholarship Information

    I think that was all of it.....People were allowed to ask questions and then we registered for classes. I have another one for entering freshman on Jan 10th from 9-3pm (errr), but then school will start on the 14th!!! Really excited!!!!
  4. by   aparsonsmomof3
    I start on January 14th also. I am soooo excited I am about to burst. Our orientation was pretty much like that. Just general nursing program facts. It's nothing to stress about. What was really cool about our orientation was that the Director gave us each a daily planner sheet with our theory and clinical times already filled out. She then had us go through and map out 2-3 hours of study time and 2-3 hours of family time and basically told us to gaurd those times with our lives.

    We are having our true orientation...I think a tour of the nursing facility and program guidelines and things like that on the first day of class!!! Can't wait!!
  5. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    thanks for the info!

    My classes start on Jan 14th too woo hooo and orientation is the Friday right before, the 11th,..I don't know why I'm so nervous, could be just everything adding up is equalling the REAL DEAL, lol.
  6. by   nphan2
    3-4 hours?!?!... wow.. .. my orientation was 8 hours long!.. *hehehe*... but we had about 1/2 hour of lunch as well..

    We covered hmm... i can't seem to remember... hahaha... lets see.. what was to be expected for classes.. dress code.. about how we probably need to bring a blanket for the winter (b/c it is an OLD building).. about how we are DIPLOMA program, so what to expect.. we also covered about how we can bridge over to get our MSN.. we also received a book list, which is mandatory to buy from them anyways.. ~$700... we did exam question examples to help us understand the difference between conceptual vs. pure memorization... we got our fee bill.. we talked about financial aid.. we even got a two week calendar in advance to show us exactly what time are classes are and orientation on different days.. our classes are literally on a different time schedule EVERYDAY.. so it makes it hard to schedule work..

    Happy Holidays :Santa2: