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  1. So... I have been out of school now for about a year and a half.(ADN) I've been on the fence for about the last 6 months about going back to school (online, phoenix possibly) for a bachelors. ( my job has an awesome tuition reimbursment program)

    I don't know if I'm making excuses but I feel bad about asking my previous instructors for letters of recommendation. Whats the best way to approach my old teachers? I left school on good terms with all of them but I just feel guilty because they told us to get them my last year of school and I thought I would NEVER GO BACK.....well.... is there a best way to approach them about this and make it as easy on them as possible?? I think im just making excuses to put it off.....
    thanks guys!!

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  3. by   EricJRN
    I think most instructors don't mind these requests, as long as you're polite and thankful. You might provide them with an update resume so that it's easier for them to say good things about you.
  4. by   Daggummit!
    If you left on good terms there shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully, they would be happy to hear that you've made the decision to go back to school. I would approach it by making an appointment to sit down and talk with them in person, not just send an impersonal email. That way you can show them your enthusiasm for continuing your education and help "jog their memories" about your performance as one of their students.
  5. by   sunshineonleith
    also, if you've kept any clinical paperwork, bring that in. i've had to go back to old instructors for letters of recommendation before, and they've all said it was very helpful to see copies of my old work.