*Got myself a job-happy*

  1. Just have to tell everyone how happy I am... They just called from the unit where I would like to work the most, and offered me full time employment from monday after I graduate! Im so happy, our hospital are generally not employing any new nurses at the moment (eaven if the need to), due to the bad economic situation. YES! This really made my day!
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  3. by   NurseExplorer
  4. by   Hooligan
    YEAH!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sure it helps to already have your foot in the door!!!
  5. by   nursedawn67
    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! Excuse the pun but....GOD JOB!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! ;0
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    Good for you!

  8. by   Brown Suga
    Good luck and best wishes.
  9. by   zacarias
    Congratulations! That is awesome. I bet you are pumped. I don't know if you've said before, but what kind of unit is it?

  10. by   Josefin
    It is a "general" locked psych unit. General menas that the unit deals with depressions, bipolar diseases, borderline and sucidal patients. (No schitz-patients) Patients are 18-60, so there are no kids and no elderly patients. It is going to be so interesting, at the moment Im just reading and reading psych literature to be prepared...
  11. by   Perk
    CONGRADULATIONS. You must tell me how it goes, I am considering working in that field myself. Best of luck.

    I know here in my first semester I was on a acute medical neuro. floor and the head nurse was practically begging us all to apply there when we graduated, and since I have been given I don't know how many contacts for after graduation even to work as an OR nurse. Is this the case everywhere? Sorry for the slight change of topic
  12. by   Josefin
    Im not sure what the situation is like in the US, but here in Sweden the hospitals are SCREAMING for RNs and especially BSNs with specialist competence. Agencies are growing constantly, and due to the lack of physicans too nurses are given more and more responsibility. I think that Sweden as a country must blame itself for this situation. Nurses have traditionally been so low paid that for 20 years that there have been very few new nurses at all... And now when the see what kind of situation they have created its too late. But at least we are WELL paid now....
  13. by   mightynurse
    Congratulations, on what type of nursing unit did you find emplyoment ?
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