Zero tolerance policy d/t AZ shootings

  1. My pharm instructor was good friends with one of the instructors killed in AZ, and is now proposing a zero tolerance policy at our school. What it boils down to is that you're out if you threaten and instructor, student or if an instructor does the same.

    I was wondering if any of you have policies like this and how well it works. I think it's a great idea...

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  3. by   oramar
    One of the big questions in my mind about the AZ shooting was about the previous threats and why there was nothing done. Every place I ever worked or went to school in the past 20 years already had a policy where you got kicked out for threats of violence or actual violence. Twenty years ago I can remember two LPNs that were fired for making threats against each other. Also I remember two married employees were having problems and one made threats and out he went. This was before Columbine and it suprised me that man could have made threats to blow up the college and get away with it. That won't eliminate the possibility of violence because people can still think it. However, this sort of thing resembles suicide in that it seems once the person verbalized they are more likely to act. You have to make sure every student and employee understands the policy. I remember signing a paper stating I understood the policy.
  4. by   sjoe
    Not a good idea. All these zero tolerance policies are made for people with no judgment. That's why we have children expelled for having an aspirin or their Rxd meds on their person, 6 year olds arrested for kissing a classmate once on the playground, someone else expelled for having nail clippers in her purse, etc.

    It is already against the law to threaten someone's body or life. With zero tolerance, who is to decide just what constitutes a threat? Someone who is chronically afraid of students of another race "feels threatened" just walking by a group of them (who are ignoring her)?

    What we need is administrators with common sense and backbone. And parents willing to back them up.

  5. by   emily_mom
    While I do think it is a good idea, I also agree with your opinions. Just b/c there is zero tolerance does not mean that someone can't come in with a gun and shoot the place up. Do you think that zero tolerance only breeds more anger? And I also agree with policing who gets booted, for what, where to draw the line, etc... It kind of scares me in a way b/c it could get out of hand if the instructor has a grudge (and there are many). Makes me want to take someone with me whenever I talk to an instructor.

    Good thoughts.....
  6. by   breanna
    Occasionally I am asked to cover a different shift. There was a less than ideal charge nurse on that shift (recently demoted). That charge has said to nurses, "Get over here before I break your butt." During recent discussions I offered that if it was said to me, I would first notify security, then call 911, then notify HR to institute the Workplace Violence Policy. The plan got overwhelming support.
    In airports, even joking about a gun is taken very seriously. As nurses, we are naturally empathetic ad are generally good at de-escalating situations. However, history proves that we must have zero tolerance for any suggestion of violence.