Z-Coil and MBT Shoes

  1. I have a few questions about the Z-coils and MBT shoes. I've heard that MBT's are not designed for "wet" floor situations and was wondering if anyone had any trouble with traction. Obviously you don't want a wet floor ever, but just in the event that I came across one. Also, I'll be working in the OR and I am curious is the Z-coil shoe causes a problem with cords? Thanks.

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  3. by   VieraGrl1030
    they have a soft cover to put over the coils so that they won't get caught up
  4. by   heron
    Hi ... I wear Zs and won't work in anything else. They do pose a big tripping hazard if you don't pay a little extra for the enclosed heels. They are also fairly expensive ... over $150 these days. The good news is that the part of the shoe that wears out is usually the coil and heel pad, which can be replaced for around $50 a pair. I'm working on the second set of coils in 3 years now. The other thing that has bothered people I've talked to is that the shoes are heavy ... about as heavy as a steel toed boot ... hard on anyone with neuropathy or any issues with LE muscle strength. All that being said ... I strongly recommend checking them out ... they aren't for everybody but if you can wear them, there's nothing like 'em if you work on your feet. Heron
  5. by   RNfaster
    I just bought my first pair of Z-coils and have been amazed at how much better they make my feet feel. They seem to "spring" me along as I walk.

    I haven't tried MBTs. They cost even more than the Z-coils. --When I tried the Z-coils on, I had planned to go to an MBT shop. But the Z-coils felt so great that I bought them on the spot. I have used them for one shift and liked them. They really make a difference.
  6. by   Bluehair
    I work in ICU and did have a lot of problems with the coils and cords. They got caught too often and were a pain that way. They do last a LONG time, way longer than any other tennis shoes I ever wore, so that helped offset the initial cost. If you are wearing shoe covers in the OR, you shouldn't have any problems. I did have shoe covers on them on occassion and that was no issue. Several people have told me the z-coils with the covered coil don't spring as well as the open coil ones do. You'll want to compare them yourself.
  7. by   Alyssa82NextStep
    I sell MBT and we're sceptical of z-coil. I have had more people with problems from getting the coil caught on stuff. MBT is a medical shoe in Europe it is a class one therapy device in the EU. It has had a number of university studies done on it and over ten years in the european market and ten years in research. there has been some studies of the Zs but it hasn't had the same time put into it. As far a the wet floor issue the soft Massi sensor is less effective when wet, but let them dry overnight and they'll be fine. you should also try to avoid blood getting into the sensors.