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  1. [color=dimgray]hello everyone!!! i'm an lpn from ny, i just wanted some information on how i can become iv certified!! i checked the lpn website(dont remember if it was napnes or nflpn) but it isnt really helpful in telling how i can become certified! can i go to individual places to learn if so, tell me!! i just wanna keep abreast of things and make the most out of being a pn before i get my rn license!
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  3. by   frodo
    I got iv certified through a course at our local 2 year college. sponsored by our small hospital, we took a week course and practiced and took test and were iv certified. we then went back to work had 6 iv sticks in holding in surgical and then on our way. greatest of luck.
  4. by   Midwest4me
    I see you're working in geriatrics--assume that it's an LTC faciluty. Years ago when I worked LTC our pharmacy company held an IV Certification "program" which lasted most of one afternoon. You might also check with your Board of Nursing.