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If you've read the other post with a similar title, you'll read that this person gets positive responses from people when he/she tells others that he/she's a nurse. I've got a complaint, kind of like... Read More

  1. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from scrubsnhugsRN
    I absolutely love my job, I loved my job when I was a CNA and I still do, as a isnt easy, but I know I am making a difference. I have had a few patients apologize to me when they made a mess in the bed, puked on the floor or needed thier hineys wiped, I told them not to apoligise, that I was there to help them and if it bothered me I wouldnt have this job in the first place.

    I dont care what people say, I love my job!
    Ooo, I have to share....

    I had a patient yesterday who was the nicest man. Four days s/p RPP w/urinary diversion (Bricker loop). Having horribly loose and unpredictable/no warning diarrhea (I wouldn't even call it diarrhea - it was more like chocolate sauce). He had decided he was going to get up and go for a walk, but had another accident as he stood up. I felt really bad for him, and helped him get to the bathroom (a bit too late, and of course he was still very slow). All the while, he's saying how sorry he is....and I just kept telling him it was no big deal, I could handle it - but what I couldn't handle would be if he fell because he was trying to keep me from having to do too much cleaning. This is, I told him, part of my job, and if I minded it I wouldn't be here. He sat on the potty and I started cleaning up; I ran and got him two clean gowns, got him changed and cleaned up when he got up and we went for our walk.

    When I left the floor yesterday, he told me that if he needed a nurse at home, he wished he could call for me to come and help him. I thought that was a big complement from a patient. He also told me that he felt I was doing my job and that I made him feel less embarrassed about needing my help.

    I'm sure that seems small to you more experienced folks, but it really made my day.

    I've also taken care of a woman with a BMI of (yes, I'm telling the truth) 64 (yes, 64) me, cleaning up for her was NOT easy...but I also told her hey - it's just my job....don't worry about it.

    I agree with you. One day I have no doubt it will be me...
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  2. by   HealingHands327
    How about telling people you are a male nurse.

    Always get the response "Why don't you be a doctor?"

    I usually say because I want to be a nurse ! Why can't they see, some people want to be nurses.

    Wait till I become an anesthetist....

  3. by   LeesieBug
    I have never had a negative response.

    Probably most responses are more neutral....however, I am so frickin' excited to tell people I am a nurse, I'm generally too busy feeling smug and self-satisfied to really notice a true reaction....I just assume they think I'm THE BOMB

    So,with that said, the verdict must be that I really don't care what people think of my job.