Your Supervisor and Your DON - page 2

What is your supervisor like? Is she approachable? Sane? Reasonable and fair? Escaped from a locked Psych ward? Experienced? Helpful? Punitive in an unreasonable way? Etc. Is your DON... Read More

  1. by   crb613
    My MS director is super. Last winter when we were so overwhelmed w/pts....she jumped right in. She not only did her own job, but took pts as well. If you had not know she was a would have just thought she was another MS nurse.
    My director is a piece of crap to put it mildly. Her answer to any help on the floor is "I haven't been orientated to that yet" Absolutely can not stand her! The doctors have started to complain about her, & the short staffing issues....hope thats a sign she's on her way out!
  2. by   nightnurse47
    I recently left a hospital where I had put 16 years in, a unit I loved, an education project I really enjoyed as well as signing a contract for the RN to BSN that would have cost me 10,000$.

    We had a new manager come that was so nasty that even working weekend nights I had too much contact. For the first time in my career, I was written up for inane things, or for untrue things, I was sabatoged by handing in audits to her that she denied getting from me, I was second guessed on everything I did, and got to hear how she badmouthed me to my co-workers.

    After a year of this, a new onset of "work related" hypertension, 30# weight gain, an antidepressant and a sleep med, I decided that 10,000$ was not worth my sanity, my health or my life.

    Nothing I tried worked, not going up the chain of command (so many people complained about this manager that the department manager and human resources came and told us we were not allowed to complain anymore!).

    Half the night shift left within 2 weeks of my resignation. I am now happily employed elsewhere, and I have a 10,000$ debt to repay.

    It's a bummer, but- no more hypertension, no more antidepressant, no more sleeper the weight is coming off and I can walk down a hall without wondering when the next knife is coming at my back!

    I have seen some good ones come and go, and some bad ones, but this one really was something else. It amazes me the hospital won't admit they made a mistake in hiring her, but since it took over a year to find someone to take the job in the first place, I guess some face saving has to be done.

    At least I am out, and putting this one behind me!
  3. by   TrudyRN
    Gromit, I'm glad you have a humane one and are improving. Just take it easy. Please.

    Bummer, nightnurse47. How well I understand but hope your new job stays sweet.