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  1. During interview, offered xxxx amount related to years experience....
    5-6 equalled xxxx while 6-7 years = xxxxx. I told them 5-6 years and that is true. However....I will be going into my 6-7 years November. Hired as PRN currently, and not sure when full time days will be open..I want to ask for the 6-7 wage verses the 5-6. Without it I will decreases my salary annually by $300.00 with it I will increase my salary by $ do I now ask for this.....since the interview is now over and I have been hired?
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i would ask, "since in november, i will have x yrs of experience, will my salary increase accordingly?"
    if they say no, you can opt to look elsewhere.

    congratulations and best of luck.

  4. by   bill4745
    If you have a chance at full-time days soon, is it worth it to offend them now? Why not wait until after you begin working and when you just pass the 6-7 mark if your pay will go up? I don't see how they could deny you an increase at that point if the policy is in writing.