Yahoo! Don't have to wear a nursing cap for grad pics!! - page 2

Just had to share. A group of us at our school who are graduating in May (yeah!!) really did not want to have to wear a nursing cap in our graduation picture. These pictures adorn the long hallway... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Wow. One of the reasons i looked forward to graduation was just the day to wear the cap.

    (And the couple hours the day before when i wore it for the sepia-style pictures)
  2. by   Sheri257
    We did have to wear caps and, at first, I thought it was stupid but ... I have to admit after looking at the pictures, it did look good. The instructors had to wear caps for yearbook pictures and the ceremony also.

    Although the guys didn't have to wear caps ... some guys took some graduation pics with the caps as a joke. It was pretty funny.

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  3. by   NoWaNrN
    For our class pictures we had to wear our caps, for clincials we did not have to. One of my clinical instructors was a very classy lady and told me of when she was a unit manager on a med-surg unit she always wore white and she always wore her nursing cap. She said if she was standing at the nurses station 99% of the people who came to the nurses desk with questions always came to her. She said she truely believed because she looked like a nurse and looked professional. She continued to tell me that if I stop and think Firefighter, police officers ect. all still wear their hats, why do nurses want to take part of there own respect away now just to be more comfortable? I am very proud to be a nurse, and some times I do feel a little weired knowing that I can wear whatever color scrubs I want and you cant tell the difference between housekeeping, dietary or nursing staff unless someone has a stethoscope around their neck.