X-ray technician

  1. I'm not sure where this post belongs...

    Anyways, I am interested in being an X-ray technician.

    What are the side effects to it? Do you get exposed to a lot of radiation? Also, what type of things do they do beside take X-rays?

    Thank you for the information!
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  3. by   angelac1978
    you might try the message boards at www.radiography.com
    you probably won't get many responses from this site, being that it is a nursing BB
  4. by   ogden2k
    That's true, I'll check them out. Thanks
    I went through two semesters of radiology program. On Tuesday and Thursday we had clinicals at the hospital. We were taught how to take x-rays, fluoro procedures like BE, and IVP. We learned how to take xrays in surgery. We got to watch a total hip replacement and get to take the xrays. The doctor would request before and after xrays to make sure everything was right. We weren't exposed to radiation that much. If we had to help with a patient while doing an x-ray, we would wear lead aprons. After you complete the radioogy program, you can also go to CT, NUC MED, MRI, and ultrasound. That is where the money is here.

    I had 21 hours of classes plus two eight hour days for clinicals. It was hard and I had a hard time keeping up with the class, plus trying to work at a part time job. I ended up quitting after two semesters cause I was getting so far behind on bills. I have to admit one thing, I learned a lot of stuff about radiology and how to read the xrays. I had a great time!!!!

    I hope this helps some.
    Hissy :O)