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My daughter is 17 and graduating this spring and plans on going to college this fall. She has expressed a desire to go into nursing but I really have a problem encouraging her to do this. I don't... Read More

  1. by   mamalle
    no, sad but true... I will not for either of my children
  2. by   rninchrist
    YES!!!!!!!!!! I would and have recommended NURSING for both my children......the first one wants no part of it..........the second one wants to be a doctor.....go figure....she is still young......11 years old.
    But, seriously.......I recommend Nursing as much as I recommend parenting....LOL!!!
  3. by   Imafloat
    If my children wished to pursue nursing I would gladly encourage and help them achieve their goals. There are a lot worse things in life to be and there are a lot of jobs with far less security, pay, and benefits. I am still a new nurse, but I am a middle aged person. I have worked many jobs in my life and nursing ranks in the top third of my experiences. If my children want to pursue higher education I will jump up and down, as it stands now they are lazy teenagers, I can't imagine them picking up their laundry, much less a college application. I have days where I want to quit nursing, but I think part of that is my emotions/exhaustion and another part is the steep learning curve of being a new grad in intensive care.

    I am having a good experience with my nursing job. I am at a pedi hospital with a low turnover rate that is about 95% staffed. My employers go out of their way to let us know they appreciate us, they have given us movie tickets during times of high census, gift certificates for coming in during inclement weather, and trinkets here and there as little thank yous. Many of the nurses in my unit have been there 20+ years and they think that the new nurses are too chewy to be edible, so no eating of the young.

    I know from talking to other nurses and reading on allnurses that I am lucky. I know that there is a nursing shortage for a reason.
  4. by   Nani1234
    I would recommend nursing to my son and daughter alike. The opportunities are amazing whether a nurse stays at the bedside or chooses to take a different path. And talk about job security .... It's distressing to see so many negative responses.
  5. by   sunshines66
    I do not have children but a younger cousin was interested in going into nursing. I talked to her a lot about what nursing really is and thankfully she decided not to pursue nursing. I do like being a nurse but I think a lot of the crap that goes into nursing on a daily basis, can turn someone off easily. If she would have chosen nursing despite what I told her, I would have tried to be supportive and help her any way I could.
  6. by   joliesmomizaRN
    If the desire is hers, then support her. If it was yours, don't. I encouraged my daughter. Big mistake. She graduated from nursing school in 1998. It's been a disaster for many reasons. She is a good nurse and I have seen her interact with patients, she has a great bedside manner. She's smart and on top of things. But s he hated nursing for other reasons and has said many times that the only reason she went to nursing school was because she felt I wanted her to. She isn't practicing now and probably never will again.
  7. by   kiiki
    My children have grown up in a household of an RN mom. I've been a nurse for 30 years. They have seen how hard the life of a nurse is. The shifts, the weekends worked and most of all me being absent at so many holidays and special functions. I have begged, borrowed and worked steady 11-7 to be a part of their lives. We made it work. But none of them even considered being a nurse. I'm not sure I would have encouraged it either. Believe it or not I still love being a nurse
  8. by   RuralNP4KIDS
    I would absolutely recommend nursing to anyone. I have worked in a variety of positions and I have enjoyed every job. Both of my daughters gag at the sight of blood and can't stand to watch "gross" stuff on TV and neither have any interest in medicine. My eldest is good with little children and I am encouraging her to become a child life specialist.
  9. by   twinmommy+2
    If my kids were to express an interest I would encourage them to enter nursing. But only if they expressd an interest first. Its not something I would push on anyone.
  10. by   nuangel1
    Quote from glenwood
    yes being a nurse is sometimes hard but it has great rewards. Very flexable. Lots of jobs and scedules to chose from. You always know you are doing usefull work. You will never get rich but you will always have a job.

    New graduates are very different from the generation that is now getting close to retirement. The new nurses have higher expectations, more alternatives, better education and are generally more independent. This is a great time to go into nursing.
    well said:spin:

    i agree .yes if i had a child that wanted to be a nurse i would encourage and support them though i would have them be a cna or work in jospital shadow a nurse etc so decision would be well informed.nursing has a lot to offer and it is my profession and i am proud of it .
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    my mother always told me that there would always be a demand for nurses so there is a great long term job potential.. so i have a 14 year old daughter and we are looking ahead discussing jobs and careers. i mentioned nursing and she told me "no"...she says she has seen what i have had to go through as a nurse then nurse manager and my daughter made the comment ..."to much drama" ..she is 14 and already knows how crazy it can be and she is still in middle school....
  12. by   twotrees2
    Quote from burn out
    My daughter is 17 and graduating this spring and plans on going to college this fall. She has expressed a desire to go into nursing but I really have a problem encouraging her to do this. I don't know if it is just the mother in me that wants her to go on to something else or if I just don't want to see her emptying bedpans and taking the crap we have to. She is so young and shy I am afraid she will be eaten alive. AM I being to overprotective or should I be more supportive and encourage her even if I think it is a mistake?
    nope - never - i make sure i am very honest wiyth what the real world holds when i meet up with students and new grads also ( they usually see it themselves soon after being a new grad anyhow. ) have seen many quit - its just not worth it - if i were younger and had better health id be getting a new career myself - but that just aint happening - so i deal and dealing isnt always the greatest -
  13. by   twotrees2
    Quote from SICU Queen
    Both of my daughters have emphatically stated that they want absolutely nothing to do with anything in the medical field.

    That being said, I would NOT have encouraged them had they expressed an interest.
    my DD has seen very little of what i go trough but what she has seen she alway says i need to get a new carreer - LOL says i need to go back to school - she is too funny sometimes.