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If a patient asked you to pray with or for them at the bedside, would you? I had this discussion with some other nurses and the responses were interesting. Some said they would have no problem,... Read More

  1. by   micro
    dry senses of humor..........

    Agnus keep on posting.........

    you are great and thoughtful and way cool,
    but check your pic.....you is still blown up.....

    sorry don't mean to change the subject........
    actually i think agnus made great cases related to spirituality, praying for and knowing your patient's needs........

    including the 75 yr old that occasionally dabbled in the National Enquirer
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    I think I am in trouble I am understanding your weird styly of posts more and more. I am likeing you more and more. and yes dag nabit. Not only does this stuperd compooter keep blowing up in my face but I think it gave me the flu. You figure it out. I got flu about the same time my couputer got virus. No kidding.

    Sorry for the divergence guys. Maybe my coputer need our prayers..


    P. s. dear God teach me to type. and spell.
    originally posted by traumarus ...i wouldn't want to sing to my pts though, because it would be anything but soothing...they wouldn't ask a second time!!!
    ...not even in the shower!!! lol
    originally posted by agnus
    ...sorry for the divergence guys. maybe my coputer need our prayers..


    p. s. dear god teach me to type. and spell.
    i get burned-out from time to time with debating just here on these bbs...lol.

    p.s., i've been known not to be the best speller either.
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  5. by   micro


    Seriously folks,
    Prayer(to me this means something more than the standard let me listen to you lungs, take your vitals, start an iv kind of thing with your patients)............

    it is not prayer in the PRAYER KIND OF SENSE OF THE WORD, although sometimes it can be.....

    Tonight, actually last night as the time keeps advancing was one of the toughest, but necessary times i have spent recently just sitting by a patient's bedside, holding their hands and face while they cried and then finally slept for a bit again.....not to disclose more as it is too private for them as well as for me.........

    Never forget all, just how important we are in what we do and in who we are ............. and for the call and the drive that each of you had to bring you to this field, cause it surely isn't an easy one............
    but oh, so important.........


    p.s. sometimes a prayer is a shared tear, just an ear, a shared laugh or a goofy face at just the right time.............(i.e. an understanding above what is seen always.......as what is right in front of us is sometimes just not that great for many of our patients)
    for our patients, ourselves and each other.............
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  6. by   nanseatx
    New to the scene, I am, but in 18 years of nursing, I have had this request many times and have always said yes. As a former Oncology nurse and now an ER nurse, sometimes prayer is all that gets me and the patient through a trying time.
  7. by   bungies
    I have and would again pray for and with patients - on some occasions (when I knew the patient was a Christian) I have offered to pray with them when they were feeling particularly miserable or scared.

    Concerning praying for people of other faiths or no faith - possibly I would, but not without first letting them know what I believe. (i.e. "I'm a Christian, and I know that you're [Buddhist or whatever] - do you still want me to pray for you?")
    I would not / could not in good conscience pray to someone other than the God of the Bible, and would feel uncomfortable praying with someone who thought I was praying in a generic way or to a completely different god. (For that matter, I wouldn't be comfortable if I was the patient and the nurse was praying to someone other than the God I love).
    If they were OK with that then I would pray, avoiding obviously Christian references.

    I also agree wholeheartedly with you, micro, that giving time and an ear are frequently more support than we can possibly realise, and often the best thing we can do to show real caring.
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  8. by   Heartsofangels
    Yes I would pray with a patient if asked. I have never been asked that question yet, but if it arises I will pray with them.
  9. by   emrettig
    Some of us have grown up feeling prayer is very private. It has been very difficult for me to break the habit of not being able to pray out loud with people. It has only been in the last few years that I can do it and even then I frequently feel awkward. Be gentle with those nurses who feel awkward. It doesn't mean they may not have deep spiritual beliefs or pray for their patients privately.

    Now for the rest of the story. I am a Catholic, a Lay Eucharistic Minister in my church, also a trained Stephen Minister and the Parish Nurse. When I am really at a loss the Lord's Prayer seems to work. When I visit the sick in the hospital I usually leave a Holy Card (aka Prayer Card) If the person is not Catholic I have a supply with the 23rd Psalm on the back.

    A friend of mine who is a physician and Hindu talks about the effect of an experience he had as an intern being asked to pray with a family over a sick child. He was at a total loss when the Senior Resident came to the rescue. The Senior Resident was Moslem. The prayer was addressed to "God as Allah". He says it was a wonderful experience, and a great help to the Christian family. It also helped my friend decide to become a Pediatrician.
  10. by   KimRN22
    Yes---I would! I feel as though it is my duty as a christian. :kiss
  11. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    I fthey asked I would be glad to pray for them, or with them, whatever made them happy. It just might help, and it certainly doesnt hurt a bit.

    Keep it in the short grass yall
  12. by   Lucy RN
    :kiss Everyone has some good points. This is a tough subject but I feel that as a nurse we get to see the raw emotions of people at a time that is stressful or hard for them. We are the ones that spend the most time with them during this time. If someone asks for this help- it must be something that would comfort them and that's what we are here for! It can't hurt!
  13. by   nursemicke
    Absolutely! And God bless all you great nurses!!