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Today's the first time I've come across this site. I'm considering a major career change, and looking to possibly get into the field of nursing. I am curious as to how many people who post here... Read More

  1. by   hahn80
    It's amazing to see all the insightful comments about nursing. It inspired me in many ways. To KATIE, I just want to tell u "GOOD LUCK" with your decision. I don't have much to say since I'm only a student myself in a BSN program.

    I didn't know much about nursing when I first began but I thought of it as a noble profession and I was very excited about being in a nursing school. But I'm afraid I can't say that now as I go in to my third semester. After learning, hearing, and experiencing the behind stories,I'm having ambivalent feelings about the career more and more.

    Everyday, I think about other profession I COULD BE in. We all know for a fact that there are better paying jobs for equal amount of education. But in the end, I come back to nursing as THE one because despite the hours, politics and low pay, I figured it's the best way to fulfill my dream of helping people and making a difference.

    I don't know if I'll be ever confident about my choice to be in this field. Like many of you, I hope I can someday confidently say that "I'll do this again in a heartbeat".
  2. by   KatieD

    Thanks for your response. I wish we could afford for me to take the time off and be an at-home mom, but unfortunately, that's beyond possibility. Lots of people post about rotten hours. I have no idea what your situation is like, but the place where I am planning to go works three 12-hour shifts per week. This would allow me to be with my family a lot more than I am right now. Even if I put in overtime, I'd have 3 days off a week. As it is now, I have hardly any time with them due to the fact that my teaching contract has been violated and I am not allotted the planning time I'm supposed to. So, I do all that at home. There is a class-action that the Teacher's union filed, partly on my behalf, because of all the violations (that's only one very small corner of this iceburg).

    SO, to say that I know nothing of working many hours and not seeing my family would be false. Also, I have no idea what the pay situation is where you all are, but I can tell you that what I'd be paid hourly as an RN would be so much more than I'm getting now. Right now, I work 10 hour days, and also put in countless hours on weekends/weeknights once I'm home. However, I'm only paid for 6 3/4 hours of work.

    To actually be paid for the time I put in would be such an enormous improvement. Also, with the nursing shortage, people are saying how they're doing the job of 2 people.... I feel your pain. I was hired into my current position to replace two full-time teachers. I was flat out apologized to by the Asst. Superintendent today, who is the person who oversees my position, and I was told there won't be any changes next year because of the budget. Not only that, because of the way the proficiency testing is going, and the fact that people who know nothing of education are making all the laws, the persons in my position may all be forced into other jobs before too long.

    I am sure that politics plays a part in every profession. I don't expect that to change. I do, however, expect that I will be paid for the hours I put in. It would also be nice to have the instruments I'd need to do my job, because right now, I'm not provided with those.

    I have been asked by many people to stay in teaching... so I have decided to go to work for the local hospital sometime soon, and see what I think of it. I may do VERY part-time for right now (which means 12 hour shifts on my weekends).... and if nothing else, it will help pay the bills, and maybe even give me money to pay for more courses (regardless what field they're in). I guess this way I'll have some idea, however small, of what's out there, and I can make up my mind about next year with a more informed decision.
  3. by   shannab
    From the frying pan into the fire?

    Goldilocksrn expressed concern about the exodus from teacher to RN and vice versa. I've wondered about it too. Someone else earlier talked about how our country seemed to place such low value on the "noble" professions while sports figures/hollywood types got such huge rewards. I've thought that too for years.

    Katie made another good point: materials. I'm assuming that once I'm a nurse and I'm told to start an IV, that I'll actually be provided with the equipment I'll need? If starting IV's were part of a teacher's job, that teacher would be expected to supply the needles and lines out of her own pocket!

    Hahn - I do hope you find contentment in nursing. At least with nursing I feel that we will have so many options of what/where to work. So if you get out there and really dislike your job - do it for awhile - and look elsewhere. The possibilities are endless. Especially with the nursing shortage - we do have choices!
  4. by   KatieD
    I agree, Shanna. In my current position, I have taken over the positions of two full-time people from last year. The district had to pay for it, so they hired one person to replace two. Both persons were in their positions for long periods of time (the shortest being 15 years), so most of the materials were their own personal belongings.... which leaves me with almost nothing to teach from.

    However, my job depends on whether, with no materials, I'm able to get the lowest kids in class (who don't yet have IEP's, but most are on the list waiting to get one) to pass proficiency testing at the same rate as the average students in class. What an amazing feat that would be, if it were possible. It may be possible with the proper teaching tools.... too bad they aren't provided.

    I'm not sure, because I've only been in one profession, but I would imagine they're all stressful. My quest has been to find out whether people in the nursing profession would do it all over again. So far, the only people who don't seem like they would, are people on this board. Perhaps I am lucky to live where I do... because I've spent time around many nurses in the past 8 months.... and, as I said before, all but one would do it again. The 1, I never asked, because I wished she hadn't done it in the first place.

    Who knows, maybe one day I'll be one of the ones who says "I wish I hadn't done this"... but I sincerely think I will enjoy nursing, and helping people in that manner. I'd like my work to be judged on how well I do my job WITH the required materials. I'd also like to be paid for the hours I put in.

    Who knows.... I just hope for the best for you and I both, Shanna... we don't live too far from each other, with you in KY and me in OH.... perhaps we're stuck in the teaching cesspools. I wish you the best as you pursue your nursing degree. I haven't started on mine yet, and I'm going to wait until I talk to someone at the hospital before I do. Hopefully this turns out much better than what I'm presently doing.
  5. by   Jenny P
    Would I do it all over again? Yes, I am one of those people who answer "in a heartbeat." The hours may be bad, the work hard, the politics; etc.; but nursing is the best thing I have ever done. Both of my kids have ADHD; I could work evenings and my husband has a day job, so the kids didn't have to be in daycare. Looking back on it, maybe nights would have been better when the kids were in junior high (my son got into the whole drug scene), but I didn't realize that until later. I now work nights and my daughter is a senior, I think about working days once she, too has "left the nest" and I don't think I will switch just yet. I work an 8-12 mix of hours so I work only every third weekend and my weekend shifts are the 12 hour ones. I don't work full time, and when my kids (and I!) were young, I spent lots of time in the elementary school as a volunteer and had fun doing it. I was raised by a teacher, and when I recently asked my Aunt (who raised me) why none of the 6 of us were encouraged to be teachers, she said I was "too slow" and had already made up my mind to be a nurse. She didn't think the rest of us had the right personality to be a teacher either. I chose a field I love and have never looked back.
  6. by   shannab

    Thanks for your encouragement and well wishes. I wish you the same as you make your decision.

    I've applied for a 2 yr program which would start in the FAll. I will know if I am accepted by Mar. There are around 120 applicants but only 30 spots so the odds are high. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

    It would be a big pay cut - but even if I don't make the program this year, I'm not going to teach another year. I thought I'd try to get work at a hospital in the meantime.

    Thanks to all the nurses who shared +'s and -'s here! I think it is good to know what -'s to expect. I recently had surgery and (like Katie) asked nearly every nurse I met questions about their jobs. Most were quite positive.

    Surprisingly - the only negative comments came from my doctor. He said he felt like nursing was extremely hard - emotionally and physically. He admitted that he did not think he'd be able to work such hours! He's a cool doc - don't ya think!
  7. by   ShannonB25
    ShannaB and Katie,
    Just wanted to wish you the very best. Good luck with getting into the program. We need more nurses like you! Please keep us posted as to your progress, ok?
    Best wishes,

    "The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it."-Johan Ruskin