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My aunt has agreed to buy me a stehoscope for my graduation/passing nclex present. my question is what kind should i get? I know Littmann are supposed to be good but is that the best one to get? ... Read More

  1. by   MrsMommaRN
    i just got a maxiscope by ultra scope. $29.95. i had been using a couple of differnt cheapies from vairious levels of cheapness free to 15 dollars. the maxiscope is really nice. i like that you can hear through clothing and in noisy rooms.
  2. by   bbcewalters
    I have a Welsh-Allen. It is just as great as a littman, maybe even better, but not many are aware of it so it does not walk off. I work with many Cardiologists who want to borrow my steth all the time. Needless to say I watch them like a hawk.
    They are pricey like littman, but an excellent alternative that most people will not recognize to steal......
  3. by   Demonsthenes
    You should purchase an electronic stethoscope.
    Legally speaking, the better the quality of the tools you have the better professional you are considered.
    Further, if you go to all of the major hospitals, you will find M.D.'s wearing electronic stethoscopes around their necks.