Worryied about working with kids

  1. Hi everyone, Im in nursing school right now for the adn program and I was wondering if someone can give me an idea of what a typical work schedule for an rn is because I have two small children (3,2) and I dont know what times I will be away from them. If I work evenings then I will have to get a babysitter and not many people like to babysit so anyways I was wondering if you stick to one shift like days or evenings or do shifts change from week to week or month to month Please Help! Thanx:spin:
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  3. by   angel337
    it all depends on where you work. i work days only, because i too have a small child and babysitters are hard to find if you work in the evening. but i also have a supportive family and friends that help us out because my husband works days also and most weekends. when you start working make sure you look for jobs that can fit into your family structure, because if you don't you will find yourself stressed out and unable to do your best at work.
  4. by   lizzyberry
    thanks for your input I see family and faith really helps if their is a will theres a way Thanks
  5. by   allantiques4me
    Im not an RN,but LPN,I work every weekend and love it.20 hours.All week am able to be home.Clean cook dinner,ect.Try weekends.