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i'm been really worried lately that i'll have to drop out of my current nursing program. we have to pass our body structure and function class with an 80% and lets just say i'm not too far above... Read More

  1. by   webbiedebbie
    Before your exam, make sure you get plenty of sleep. And the biggest thing is to eat a healthy breakfast. No donuts, sweet rolls, or sugar coated cereals. They will make you sluggish and you won't be able to concentrate on the test as well.

    Good Luck and keep us posted on how you did!
  2. by   LaVorneRN
    OH! P_RN is sooooo right! Man, that was the smartest thing I think I did in school was realizing, "this is MY body" I did everything she said. Touch yourself(not in the freaky way unless...you know...you're into that-heehee) and think about what happens as you eat, breathe, aspirate! Say it out loud to yourself. Or to your sisters, friends, classmates,spouse, whoever would listen. That's what I did too. It helped so much to explain what I learned to a willing listener who didn't know medical stuff. You realize how much you really know and it boosts your confidence by..I don't know...oodles!!! Can you see me cheering over here for you????
  3. by   GAstudent
    I think that you answered your own question. GO OVER THE TEST!! Just because you feel good about it does not mean that you was not so nervous to wright the wrong thing down.

    Do you have class again next quarter/semester? Does you teacher put out models (like of a bone or a sheep brain etc.) If so ask you teacher if she will allow you to take your camera (I prefer a digital camera so that I can load it onto my computer and print it off at home and label it. Or if the teacher sticks the labels in it and allows you to look at it) I also go and find a print and copier somewhere and take my book and copy pictures that the teacher tells us we HAVE to know and copy it and then use white out and color out what you have to know and copy it again. Then I go home and study the one with the answers and in a few days or a few hours I will go and see if I can fill in the blank one.
    One other thing that I would say that I do is take a voice recorder to class. That helps so that you can go home and listen to it or listen to it in the car or before you go to sleep and then you don't miss anything that the teacher said.

    Oh yeah I remember something else. If you can. Take your papers with you in the car. When your at a red light or in traffic look at them. Like in A & P you have to know abbreviation I would write those on a note card and when I am in the car I look at the abbreviation and see if I know what it is. Or whatever works for you. Good Luck and let us know how your test goes.

    Another thing. Just because you are close to an 80 does not mean to quit. I think that would look worse then sticking it out.
  4. by   Disablednurse
    Sarah, instead of visualizing the F, figure up your grade and see what the lowest is that you can make on the test and still pass. I had a really hard time with Anatomy and physiology when in school. I would figure up my grade and see what the lowest was that I could make and still pass. By doing this, I did not worry about anything over that grade. This way it took away my worry and I ended up making a fairly high grade, because I was not worrying so much. Find something that will take your mind off your grade and you will be able to concentrate more on your studies. Will keep you in my prayers.
  5. by   sarahd27
    well i took my test today and was feeling very confident!!! until she started to pass it out and then i got a lil nervous. the results aren't in yet but hopefully i passed. wishin for a just a C and i would be happy!!! i helped a lot to look over the test before i turned it in because i caught a lot of my mistakes. but that's what happens when you have to write everything on a seperate peice of paper. i'll let ya all know if i passed!!!! my fingers are crossed and thanks for the great advise.
  6. by   sarahd27
    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   LaVorneRN
    Sarah You put a bil ol sh*t eatin grin on my face baby!!!! I am very happy for you! Miracles never cease, right? You will continue to amaze yourself with stunts like this!!! Ain't it grand??? Now don't lose your focus! Press on with the positivity sister and don't underestimate yourself no matter how funky things get. You'll have these highs and some lows but you will PREVAIL!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!! (doing the cabbage patch for you...can you see it?)
  8. by   LaVorneRN
    CEL-A-BRATE GOD TIMES COME ON!!!!!!(doo doo doo dooo dum dum dum dooo!)
  9. by   LaVorneRN
    I'm so excited my spelling is off BUT cha know what's I means!!!
    (BIG ol sh*t eating grin and cel-a-brate GOOD times-but you were feeling me, right?
  10. by   sarahd27
    OH YA!!! I AM SO HAPPY I JUST WANT TO SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!! But i feel really bad for the people who didn't pass and now have to drop all of their other classes. i mean come one girl got a 79.9 and she's done. i just don't really think its fair.
  11. by   LaVorneRN
    That happened to one of my classmates last year but she's walking on April 30th. I agree- it just don't seem fair when it's that close. But keep in touch with her, encourage her, and support her. In the meantime..."GO Sarah!! It's ya birf-day-we gonna party like- it's ya birf-day!!!!!
    (I should try out for the next American Idol, huh?)
  12. by   spineCNOR
    We all knew you could do it, yopu just need to work on having more confidence in yourself!!
  13. by   sarahd27
    yes u should!thanks for the encouragment and the celebration song. hearing and reading that i could do it really helped boost my confidence. and i'm happy to say that i finished the class with a B and not my C. i do need to go party though that would be a good end to a horrible day full of worrying. but i don't want to start any bad habits so i think i'll just stick to my celebration pizza!!!