Workplace violence?

  1. I took your survey. Your use of the term "experienced" in your questions I think will be misleading. If I witnessed violence I feel that I have experienced it. Is that what you mean? I think people will feel differently if they are the target of violence. Some people might think that if they are not the target of violence, then they have not experienced it. Good luck with your dissertation.
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  3. by   massrn116
    I also took the survey, most recently I was punched by an 18 year old girl, she went for my face, I ducked, went for my arm and made good contact. The bruise lasted for a week +. I have been a nurse for 26 years and was kind of in a state of shock that someone actually hit me and made contact and I hurt for a week. I always strive to give respect and understanding to patients and give the benefit of the doubt, this girl however was a ******* up *****. For the first time I felt there was no hope. SAD
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    Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck with the rest of your program.