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I am currently working part time in LTC. Recently I have obtain another part-time job with a home care agency. I like doing home care. However, when I was hired, it was discussed that I would be... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    I worked every weekend for years -- my choice, of course. But I fail to see what is so awful about doing so that you cannot keep your commitment. It seemed as though both jobs were very clear about their expectations that you be available for every other weekend. Or did you believe that you could work 8 hour days at one job and 8 hour nights the other?
  2. by   Daisy Joyce
    Alright, so you didn't "get it" in the moment that being available meant that you would totally be scheduled.
    But as someone who works for agency, they love people who they can send to cases on weekends because it makes them look good.
    Don't feel guilty about quitting if you must, but now you know better.
    And FYI, agencies also don't really care if you're miserable and burn out. They can always replace you.
    That's the humbling truth.
  3. by   Daisy Joyce
    Quote from Meriwhen
    Emphasis mine.

    By making yourself available on certain days, you are essentially agreeing to work on those days
    It depends on the agency.
    I work for more than one agency, and I will periodically send all my bosses my list of available dates. Then I wait to hear back. I don't always get scheduled every day I *could*, and sometimes I don't hear back for several days or even longer. If something else come up, like a personal appointment, I go ahead and make the appointment.
    My agencies will phrase it, "are you still available on such and such date", and I say yes or no.
    But at least to me, asking for availabilities and getting scheduled on the spot is way different than the agency asking for a list of hypothetical dates and then taking their time to get back to you.
    But that has just been my experience.