Working requirements in your state?

  1. I recently moved to New Mexico, and they have a work requirement of 400 hrs every 2 years in order to renew your RN license in addition to CEUs. This is the first time I heard of this, the other states where I had nursing licences only required paying a fee every 2 years for licence renewal.

    If you are selected to be audited in renewing your license, you have to submit a letter from your employer stating that you have worked at least 400 hrs in the recent 2 years. I understand the reason for this requirement is to keep nurses practicing, but if you are injured and cannot work or if you take time off to have children you would not be able to renew your licence without taking a time consuming refresher course.

    Do any other states have this requirement?

    If so, do you think this contributes to the nursing shortage (I think it does)?

    Thank you all!
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  3. by   Jenny P
    That is really a bizarre rule-- I can see it driving nurses out of maintaining their licenses instead of getting them to work.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    From PA SBON:

    Renewal fee for RN license is $45. There is no requirement to evidence a number of practice hours or continuing education hours to renew the license. renewal cycle and fees

    In PA, How can a SBON ensure that someone is safe to practice with only this type of requirements for license renewell???

    I think that is why New Mexico SBON went this route...limits their libility by saying a nurse is aware of current nursing practices.

    Inviting other opinions.....
  5. by   Marj Griggs
    Oregon has a similar requirement-- I think it's x number of hours (sorry, I can't remember) in 4 years--works out to something like a minimum of every other weekend, I think! However, Oregon does NOT have any CEU requirements that I know of (they would have to have been instituted in the last 2 years). My license expires on my birthday next year--I haven"t worked since '99, and probably won't renew. I graduated in '61--think I've earned a rest after 38 years--mostly full time?
  6. by   Cascadians
    In Oregon, think it might be

    RN, 960 hours in 5 years
    CNA, 400 hours in 2 years

    Saw a newer CNA Renewal Form now requiring one to write down exactly how many hours worked at each place of employment.

    OSBN getting very strict about this. Also tightening their definition of what exactly they will accept as "work" to qualify. Looks like they are pushing facility work.
  7. by   pebbles
    I live in manitoba, and we have a practise requitrement attached to license renewal. It amounts to working a .2 position if you average out the hours - not much really. But we don't have to do CEU's either.

    I think you should have either a practise requirement or have Continuing Education requirements, but not both. They are just trying to make sure you maintain your competency, after all.
  8. by   VickyRN
    In North Carolina, just pay the fee (around $80) every two years, that's it. No minimum practice requirements, no CEU's. However, I would like to add that the NCBON is one of the most progressive in the US, due to the fact that its members are elected by the nurses in the state. We nurses actually have a voice! (In some other states, BON members are instated by politicos and even worse, doctors!) Also, NC was the first state to form a BON, approaching our 100 year anniversary!
  9. by   NurseDennie
    No CEU's required in Tennessee - can you BELIEVE that????

    I've worked full time since I first got my license, so I don't know for sure, but I'm told that to keep the TN license, you have to earn at least $1 as a nurse to keep the license. So I *guess* you could renew once without working at all???